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Phil McDermott
Rick Tossey



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2020 Overall Record 8-9 Playoffs 3-1 State 0-1     

2020 Schedule

Date Time Location Opponent Result
7/9 630pm McMurray Highland L 1-0
7/12 Noon Dunning TC Saints W 14-1
7/13 630pm Concordia Air Freight L 11-7
7/14 630pm McMurray Rosetown W 2-1
7/16 7pm Dunning Hops W 7-6
7/21 7pm Dunning North End W 19-0
7/22 7pm NSP Exhibition
7/24 7pm Dunning KF Diesel L 9-8
7/25 3pm McMurray TC Saints L 5-4
7/27 630pm Concordia Air Freight L 8-5
7/29 730pm Polar Lakes Metro Knights W 11-2
7/31 7pm Bielenberg St Paul Mudhens L 12-2
8/3 6pm Blake TC Shark L 6-2
Playoff Pool        
8/6 8:30pm Dunning Mpls Merchants W 8-0
8/7 6pm Dunning St Paul Hops W 9-2
8/11 8pm Red Haddox Bl Bandits L 9-5
8/13 615pm Hamel Hamel W 2-1
8/16 4pm St Anthony Highland Park L 4-3


Higgins 2
T Petersen 1
D Petersen 1
Groebner 1
Jacobson 1
Berg 1
Rinehart 1
Abrahamson 1
Tossey 1
Stolen Bases
Berg 14
Bartholomew 4
Jacobson 3
Welter 3
Rinehart 2
D Peterson 1
Erickson 1
Tossey 1

2019 Triple Slash Leaders

2019 Season Review

The 2019 Capitals won their 8th St. Paul League title (six consecutive) and finished 26-6-1, 13-1 in league. The Capitals went 2-2 at state while finishing in 3rd place for second time (2012). Pitching and defense were once again solid all season posting an insane team ERA of 1.97 led by RHP Josh Kubitschek (5-2 1.02, 94K), new Capital RHP/SS/2B/C Dylan Welter (4-0 1.72, 48K) and RHP Jesse Retzlaff (5-1 2.07). New additions LHP Zach Franz (2.69) and RHP Grant Taival (2.55) provided some serious depth to the pitching staff.

Leading the offense in production were veterans Ryan Abrahamson (.402 9HR 40 RBIs) and Rick Tossey (.385 7HR 39 RBIs). New additions to the lineup CF Jamie Berg (.353 record crushing 24 SBs), C Charlie Bartholomew (.387 7 SBs) and 2B/3B Tommy Cummings each providing solid production and defense in their first full year. Thanks to family and friends for another great year and see you in 2020!

#01     |     Logan Busch

High School:




#04     |     Derek Jacobson

High School:
University of St. Thomas




#05     |     Tommy Cummings

High School:
Cretin Derham Hall
St. Thomas University




#06     |     Alex Swanson

High School:
White Bear
Saint John's




#07     |     Mark Groebner

High School:
Coon Rapids
University of Minnesota




#09     |     Aaron Pfaff

High School:
New Ulm Cathedral
Saint John's




#11     |     Ryan Abrahamson

High School:
University of Minnesota




#12     |     Rick Tossey

High School:
St. Paul Johnson
Univerity of Minnesota




#14     |     Connor Hurley

High School:
Concordia St. Paul




#17     |     Samual Wielgos

High School:
University of St. Thomas




#18     |     Grant Taival

High School:
St. Scholastica




#19     |     Jack Schwietz

High School:
University of St. Thomas




#20     |     Joe Rock

High School:
Buena Vista




#22     |     Jamie Berg

High School:




#23     |     Phil McDermott

1B, OF
High School:
University of Minnesota




#24     |     Dan Petersen

High School:
White Bear




#25     |     Zach Franz

High School:
University of St. Thomas




#27     |     Tom Petersen

High School:
White Bear Lake
Augsburg College




#28     |     Ty McDevitt

High School:
University of Minnesota




#31     |     Mitch Nordin

High School:




#32     |     Jesse Retzlaff

High School:
Minnehaha Academy
St. Olaf




#33     |     Charlie Bartholomew

High School:
University of St. Thomas




#34     |     Josh Kubitschek

High School:
University of St. Thomas




#35     |     Luke DeGrammont

High School:
Lakeville North
Concordia St. Paul




#39     |     Dylan Welter

High School:
Cretin Derham Hall
University of St. Thomas




#44     |     Cole McDevitt

High School:
University of St. Thomas





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2019 Season- Overall 26-6-1, League 13-1, Playoffs 2-0, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament 3rd Place

2018 Season- Overall 29-9-1, League 14-1-1, Playoffs 2-0, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament Qualifier

2017 Season- Overall 27-15, League 13-3, Playoffs 2-0, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament Qualifier

2016 Season- Overall 32-12, League 15-1, Playoffs 2-0, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament Qualifier

2015 Season- Overall 30-12, League 10-4, Playoffs 2-1, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament Runner Up

2014 Season- Overall 33-10, League 16-2, Playoffs 2-0, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament Champs

2013 Season- Overall 23-12, League 12-6, Playoffs 0-2

2012 Season- Overall 23-19, League 12-6, Playoffs 2-1, St. Paul League Champs and State Tournament 3rd Place

2011 Season- Overall 28-12, League 19-1, Playoffs 0-2, St. Paul League Champs

2010 Season- Overall 23-12, League 13-6, Playoffs Not eligible

Game Recaps Archive

2019 Season Summary

The 2019 Capitals won their 8th St. Paul League title (six consecutive) and finished 26-6-1, 13-1 in league. The Capitals went 2-2 at state while finishing in 3rd place for second time (2012). Pitching and defense were once again solid all season posting an insane team ERA of 1.97 led by RHP Josh Kubitschek (5-2 1.02, 94K), new Capital RHP/SS/2B/C Dylan Welter (4-0 1.72, 48K) and RHP Jesse Retzlaff (5-1 2.07). New additions LHP Zach Franz (2.69) and RHP Grant Taival (2.55) provided some serious depth to the pitching staff.

Leading the offense in production were veterans Ryan Abrahamson (.402 9HR 40 RBIs) and Rick Tossey (.385 7HR 39 RBIs). New additions to the lineup CF Jamie Berg (.353 record crushing 24 SBs), C Charlie Bartholomew (.387 7 SBs) and 2B/3B Tommy Cummings each providing solid production and defense in their first full year. Thanks to family and friends for another great year and see you in 2020!

2018 Season Summary

The 2018 Capitals won their 7th St. Paul League title and finished with an excellent 29-9 record. The Capitals went 2-2 at state while finishing in 4th place. Pitching and defense were once again solid all season posting a team ERA of 2.35 led by RHP Josh Kubitschek (1.63, 67K), RHP Connor Hurley (1.07), RHP Ty McDevitt (0.93) and LHP Tom Peterson (1.08).

New Capital Tanner Vavra led the offense with a .447 batting average and joined Matt Halloran, Ryan Abrahamson and Rick Tossey with 4 home runs. Matt Halloran and Aaron Pfaff set a new Capitals single season record with 12 stolen bases each. New additions to the lineup included Dan Peterson (.367 28 RBIs) and Kevin Walek (7 SBs) each providing solid production and defense in their first full year. Thanks to family and friends for another great year and see you in 2019!

2017 Season Summary

The 2017 Capitals won their 6th St. Paul League title while ending up with a 27-15 record. It was an up and down year which saw some tough losses and an 11 game winning streak late in the season. Pitching and defense were solid all season posting a team ERA of 2.60 led by starters RHP Josh Kubitschek, RHP Toby Anderson, RHP Ty McDevitt and LHP Tom Peterson. Ryan Abrahamson paced the offense ending with a .407 batting average and 8 HRs. CF Aaron Pfaff tied the season record for stolen bases with 11 while hitting .356. See you in 2018!

May 2017 Update

The 2017 Capitals are 4-4 in May while waiting for their college reinforcements to arrive. Notable performers thru 8 games:
  Ryan Abrahamson .600 1HR 7RBI,
  Aaron Pfaff .458 .629obp 3SB,
  Rick Tossey .414 7-2B, 9RBI,
  Tom Peterson .333 2HR 8RBI, 2SV .95WHIP
  Josh Kubitschek 3-0 0.78ERA 27K

The Capitals play a game at Eagan on May 30 and then travel south for the Elko/NM tournament on June 3/4.

May 3, 2017- Capitals 4, Mpls Angels 3
May 6, 2017- Lyons Pub 4, Capitals 0

The 2017 Capitals opened up the season splitting two nonconference games against Minneapolis teams. The offense was predictably quiet in early May baseball with Ryan Abrahamson 5-7 HR 4RBI and Aaron Pfaff 4-4 3BB 2SB providing almost all the production. The Capitals got strong starting pitching performances from Josh Kubitschek (1-0) and Matt Nelson. Two more games for the Capitals this week starting with Tricity Shark on Tuesday 5/9 8pm @Dunning.

2016 Season Summary

The 2016 Capitals finished the season with a strong 32-12 record but were unable to attain their goal of a 2nd State Championship. The Capitals added a 5th League title and a long term goal was fulfilled when the Capitals made their annual trip to Austin, MN and came back with the SpamTown title. The pitching was exceptional with a team ERA of 2.70 while averaging over a strikeout per inning. Team Ace Josh Kubitschek finished the year 8-2 with 107 Ks and Closer Nate Trelstad was untouchable with a 0.69 ERA and 39 Ks in 20IP. On offense, new additions OF Aaron Pfaff, OF Jake Smith and IF Michael Busch were key contributors and provided some much needed speed to the lineup. Veterans Rick Tossey (.411 9HR 48 RBIs) and Tom Peterson (.410 5HR 35 RBIs) led the Capitals in total offensive production. See you in 2017!

Capitals 8, Rosetown 1
Capitals 5, Rosetown 1

The Capitals (31-10) advanced to their 3rd straight State Tournament winning their series against Rosetown. The pitching was exceptional, racking up over 30 strikeouts in the two games. Josh Kubitschek (6-1) and Ty McDevitt (2-0) were the winning pitchers and Nate Trelstad was dominant in relief. The Capitals will play a tuneup game Weds August 10th 7pm at Dunning.

Highlights: Pfaff 4 hits, 3 2Bs, SB; Busch 4 hits 3 2Bs, 2 SBs; McDermott 3 hits 2 2Bs 5 RBIs.

Capitals 6, Stockmens 3
Highland 7, Capitals 3
Capitals 11, TC Saints 10

The Capitals (29-10, 15-1) were unable to complete their league masterpiece, dropping the final league game to Highland 7-3. Highland's starting pitcher did an excellent job in limiting the Caps to 7 hits. The Caps did pick up two wins this week over Stockmens Irish and the TC Saints. Ryan Radue pitched well in his start against Stockmens and moved to 5-0 while Ty McDevitt got the 2 inning save. Next is a tuneup game against the Woodbury Muskies Sunday July 31st 4pm @Woodbury HS.

Highlights: HRs- Busch(2,3) McDermott(2) Peterson(4,5) Tossey(9).

Capitals 2, SS Diesel 0
Capitals 7, Rosetown 1

The Capitals (27-9, 14-0) continued their winning ways and captured a 5th league title after moving to 14-0. Josh Kubitschek went to 6-0 allowing 2 hits and striking out 11 vs Rosetown. Ty McDevitt (1-0) was excellent in his start vs SS Diesel allowing only 2 infield hits and striking out 9 in his 5 innings. Nate Trelstad picked up his team leading 4th save. Next game Sunday July 24th 3pm @Dunning vs TC Saints.

Highlights: Tossey 2-2 2B, McDermott 2-2 2B RBI vs Rosetown; Peterson 3-3 RBI, Pfaff 2-3 3B, 2SB, Tossey HR(8) vs SS Diesel.

Capitals 5, Shamrocks 1
Capitals 2, Rosetown 0

The Capitals (25-9, 12-0) won two more league games and are very close to clinching their 5th league title. Capitals pitchers were great again with Sam Nord throwing 5 shutout innings against Rosetown and Ryan Radue throwing 6+ dominant innings in the victory over the Shamrocks. Radue struck out 11 and moved to 4-0 in 2016. Nate Trelstad continued to be untouchable while collecting saves in both games and striking out 7 in his 2+ innings of work. Next game is against Rosetown Weds July 20th 6pm @Dunning.

Highlights: Jake Smith 3-3 2SB, Aaron Pfaff 2-4 vs Shamrocks; Ryan Abrahamson and Peter "Pablo" Bertel RBI singles vs Rosetown.

Capitals 10, NE 0
Capitals 6, Shamrocks 2

The Capitals (22-9, 10-0) won a pair of league games last week and remain undefeated in league play. The pitching was excellent again with Josh Kubitschek (5-0) and Ryan Radue (3-0) both throwing quality innings earning victories. Next game is against Osceola Saturday night July 16th 7pm in Osceola.

Highlights: Rick Tossey 3-4, Matt Halloran 2-3 2 2B, 3RBI vs North End; Phil McDermott 2-2 2B BB, Tom Peterson 2-4 HR(3) 3RBI vs Shamrocks.

Capitals 10, Hops 0
Capitals 3, Air Freight 0

The Capitals (20-9, 8-0) won a pair of league games over the weekend. Capital pitching was dominant allowing only 3 singles in the 12 innings of baseball. Ace Josh Kubitschek (4-0) threw a one hit shutout with 9Ks in the win over Air Freight at CHS Field. Next game is against the Shamrocks Tuesday July 12th 8pm @Dunning.

Highlights: Matt Halloran 2-3 3B GWRBI vs AF; Rick Tossey HR(7) vs Hops.

St. Louis Park 10, Capitals 5
Capitals 7, Metro Knights 1

The Capitals (18-8, 6-0) split a pair of lopsided non-conference road games last week. Park lived up to the hype of the Class A #1 ranking as their loaded lineup touched up Capital pitching for 10 runs. Next game is July 6th 8pm @Miesville.

Highlights: Samual Wiegas 4 strong IP and Nate Trelstad 2IP 5Ks against Metro Knights; Tom Peterson 3-3 vs Metro, Peter Bertel 3-3, Jake Smith 2 doubles, Rick Tossey HR(6) vs Park.

SpamTown Tournament- Champions

The Capitals (17-7, 6-0) went 4-1 in Austin and won their first SpamTown tourney title. After losing their opener in pool play to Rochester and their stud pitcher Matt Meyer in extra innings, the Capitals rattled off 4 straight wins. There was production up and down the lineup and many standout pitching performances. Matt Halloran was awarded tournament MVP after catching 5 games in 3 days and hitting two HR(3,4) in the championship game. Next game is Tuesday 6/28 8pm vs Metro Knights at White Bear.

Highlights: Kubitschek CG 4H 7K vs Minnetonka, Radue CG 11K vs Joliet, Peterson 11 for 18, Gottfredsen 10 for 19. Homeruns: Abrahamson(1,2), Halloran(3,4), McDermott(1).

June 21, 2016- Capitals 12, North End 4

The Capitals (13-6, 6-0) beat North End 12-4 on Tuesday to stay undefeated in league play. Josh Kubitschek continued his dominant run with 6 innings allowing 1ER and striking out 12. Nate Trelstad made his 2016 debut and threw a perfect 7th with 3Ks. The offense stayed hot with Jake Smith leading the way with 4 hits and 2 bags and Cole McDevitt making his 2016 debut hitting two home runs and driving in 5. Homeruns: McDevitt(1,2), Peterson(2). Next game is 6/24 Friday 7pm vs Rochester at the Spamtown tournament.

June 17, 2016- Capitals 15, Highland 5
June 15, 2016- Capitals 3, Air Freight 2

The Capitals (12-6, 5-0) won two league games last week. The game against Air Freight was a well pitched, back and forth game which found the Capitals tying the game late and winning in extra innings. New Capital RHPs Reggie Meyer and Ryan Radue each pitched 4 strong innings. The Caps were able to finish Highland in 6 innings thanks to the offense exploding for 22 hits with Busch, "Gotts"fredsen, and Halloran leading the way with 3 hits each. Tom Peterson was the winning pitcher and Sam Nord got the 3 inning save. Homeruns: Schaaf(2), Busch(1). Next game is 6/21 Tuesday 6pm vs North End at Como HS.

June 12, 2016- Capitals 5, SS Diesel 0

The Capitals (10-6) won a league game against SS Diesel on Sunday. Both teams were unbeaten in early league play. Josh Kubitschek was dominant, throwing a CG shutout allowing 3 hits and striking out 11. Offensive highlights: Zach Gottfredsen 2-3 BB, Chris Schaaf HR(1), Rick Tossey 2B, HR(5) 3RBI. Next game is Tuesday night 8pm vs Rosetown at Dunning.

Non-Conference Update

The Capitals dropped a pair of games against Continental Diamond and Eau Claire. Both opponents had strong pitching performances with the starter throwing a complete game. Highlights: good outings for pitchers Tyler Heitmann, new Capital Reggie Meyer against Continental Diamond and Sam Nord against Eau Claire.

June 8, 2016- Capitals 16, TC Saints 4
May 31, 2016- Capitals 10, Hops 0

The Capitals (9-4) won two games by 10 run rule to start league play for 2016. Winning pitchers were Thomas Hanson and Eli Morison. Offensive highlights: Michael Busch 4-4 vs Saints and Ryan Abrahamson 3-3 vs Hops. The Capitals next game is Thurs June 9 6:15pm vs Diamond Cutters@Simley HS.

Elko/NM Tournament Update

The Capitals participated in the 2016 Elko/New Market tournament. It was a weekend of ugly baseball for the Caps which saw them go 1-2 against some good teams. Lowlights: 15 runs allowed in an inning against New Market. Highlights: Halloran HR(2) vs Elko, Tom Peterson 3-3 and Zach Gottfredsen 3 doubles vs New Market.

May 22, 2016- Capitals 8, Blaine Fusion 2
May 21, 2016- Capitals 10, Bloomington 2

The Capitals (6-1) won two non-conference games over the last weekend. Strong pitching performances by Tyler Heitmann with a complete game win over Bloomington, Eli Morrison making his Capitals debut throwing 3 perfect innings with 5Ks, and Brody "Big Country" Schitz hitting 90 with a K and HBP. Offensive highlights: Pfaff 5 hits, 2 2B, HR(1), 4RBI, CS(1); Schaaf 4 hits, 2B, 4RBI; Abrahamson 3 hits, 2 2B, 3RBI. The Capitals next game is Weds May 25 7pm vs Eagan@Goat Hill.

May 19, 2016- Capitals 10, St Anthony 6
May 17, 2016- Capitals 6, WB Township 1

The Capitals (4-1) won two non-conference games this week. Thomas Hanson and Dylan Garrity were the winning pitchers throwing 3 innings each and Tom Peterson picked up his first save of 2016. Offensive highlights: Pfaff 2B, 3B, SB; Three hit games for Abrahamson, McDermott, Tossey HRs- Tossey(3,4). The Capitals next game is May 21 6pm vs Bloomington@Dunning.

May 10, 2016- Capitals 8, TriCity 1

The Capitals (2-1) won a cold and windy preseason matchup against the TriCity Shark. Lefty Sam Nord (1-0) threw 3 scoreless innings for the win and new Capital Samual Wiegas struck out 4 in his first appearance of 2016. Offensive highlights: Multihit games for McDermott, Pfaff and Schaaf. HR-Tossey(2). The Capitals next game is May 17th 7pm vs WB Township@Township Field.

May 6, 2016- Lyons Pub 9, Capitals 7

The Capitals (1-1) dropped an extra inning game to Lyons Pub. The Caps defense was in preseason mode and multiple errors spoiled solid pitching efforts from lefties Sam Nord, Matt Nelson and Tom Peterson. Offensive highlights: HRs - Halloran(1) 4RBI, Peterson(1) 3-4 BB, Tossey(1). The Capitals next game is May 10th 8pm vs TriCity@Dunning.

2016 Season Opener- Capitals 4, Mpls Angels 3

The Capitals opened their 2016 campaign with a walk off victory over the Minneapolis Angels. Team ace Josh Kubitschek started on the mound and Thomas Hanson followed him both throwing 3 quality innings. Tom Peterson returned from his 2015 season ending ACL injury, pitched a scoreless 7th, earned the win and added 2 hits 1 RBI. Offensive highlights: New Capital outfielder Aaron Pfaff led the game off with a hit and a stolen base, Ryan Abrahamson 2-4 2RBI, Phil McDermott GWRBI double. The Capitals (1-0) next game is Friday 8pm vs Lyons Pub @Dunning.

2015 State Tournament- 2nd Place

Dropping the opening game of the state tournament is never a good idea but the Capitals were able to salvage a 2nd place finish after battling their way back to a 4-2 record over the two weekends. Pitchers Eugene Sturm, Josh Kubitschek, Tim Ryan and Nate Trelstad all earned wins and the Capitals got offense production from their entire lineup scoring 47 runs over the six games. Emerging from the depths of the losers bracket on Sunday morning saw the Capitals needing to beat Minnetonka twice. A valiant pitcher by committee effort came up short in the first game and Tonka won their 12th State title by a score of 5-2. Congrats to Tonka on a fantastic season where they won an insane 50 games and every tournament they entered. The midseason matchup at SpamTown (Tonka won 6-5) had to be one of the best amateur baseball games of the year. The Capitals would like to thank their families and friends for another great season.

Capitals state tournament highlights- Abrahamson HR(7); Barry HR(1), 3B, 9RBI; McDermott 10 hits, 3 2B 6RBI; Tossey 10 hits, 7RBI; Sturm 9IP 2ER 11K 0BB, Kubitschek 17IP 3ER 9K, Trelstad 7IP 2ER.

Capitals All Tournament Selections: Luke Barry, Josh Kubitschek, Phil McDermott, Eugene Sturm, Rick Tossey

August 1, 2015- Capitals 10, HP 2
July 31, 2015- Capitals 10, HP 5
July 30, 2015- HP 4, Capitals 1

The Capitals won their series against Highland Park 2 games to 1 and will be the #1 seed from St. Paul in 2015 State Tournament. In game one the Capitals were held to 4 hits by a crafty Highland Park righty and spoiled a nice outing by Josh Kubitschek who went 8 2/3 innings striking out 9. Game two the Capitals offense was sparked by a grand slam from Phil McDermott and pitchers Eugene Sturm and Matt Nelson threw well enough to earn the 10-5 win. Game three saw undefeated Tim Ryan throw 8 strong innings and move to 11-0, while homeruns from Abrahamson(6), Busch(2) and McDevitt(1) did most of the offensive damage. It was a tough series against an improved Highland Park team which had double digit hits in each game. The Capitals will play a tuneup game Tuesday August 4th 7:30pm @Forest Lake.

July 21, 2015- Capitals 4, Air Freight 0
July 20, 2015- Diesel 8, Capitals 0
July 19, 2015- Shamrock 5, Capitals 4

The Capitals go 1-2 in their final 3 league games but did enough over the regular season to secure the #1 seed in the St. Paul playoffs. Tim Ryan was the winning pitcher in the Air Freight game throwing 7 shutout innings and went to 10-0. Offensive highlights: Zach Gottsfredsen 3/4 2 doubles vs Air Freight, Homerun- Abrahamson(5) The Capitals will play a couple tuneup games before playoffs and next up is Thurs July 23rd 7:30pm @Mpls Lakers.

July 12, 2015- Capitals 15, TC Saints 3
July 9, 2015- Capitals 11, Coon Rapids 0

The Capitals out score opponents 26-3 in two wins last week. Tim Ryan (8-0) and Matt Nelson (5-0) were the winning pitchers. Offensive highlights: Homeruns- Gottsfredsen(2), Bertel(4), and Jacobson(1). Mark Groebner went 3-4 with 2 walks. The Capitals next game is Weds July 15th 6pm vs. Rosetown @Dunning.

July 8, 2015- Capitals 14, HP 4
July 6, 2015- Capitals 8, North End 2

The Capitals pick up a couple league wins and go to 7-2 in league play. Josh Kubitschek and Eugene Sturm were the winning pitchers. Offensive highlights: Logan Busch 3-3 2B vs North End, Rick Tossey multihit games and HR(7), Ryan Abrahamson 3-3 HR(3,4) vs. Highland. The Capitals next game is Thursday July 9th 7:30pm @Coon Rapids.

Spamtown Recap
June 27, 2015- Minnetonka 6, Capitals 5
June 27, 2015- Capitals 5, Forest Lake 1
June 26, 2015- Capitals 8, SF 1

The Capitals went 2-1 at SpamTown and failed to advance to Sunday for the third year in a row. It was a 2014 Class A championship rematch Saturday afternoon that would come down to final out that decided the pool. Minnetonka was able to get some clutch hits late to win 6-5 in what was probably the best game of the tournament. Congrats to Tonka as they went on to their 4th SpamTown championship. Capitals highlights: Matt Nelson (4-0) CG vs. Sioux Falls, Tim Ryan (7-0) CG win over Forest Lake, Rick Tossey HR(4,5) 8 RBI, Peter Bertel HR(3). The Capitals next game is Tuesday 6:30pm @Century College vs. Metro Knights.

June 19, 2015- Capitals 1, Air Freight 0
June 18, 2015- Capitals 6, Highland 2
June 16, 2015- Saints 2, Capitals 0

The Capitals went 2-1 in league play over the last week. The bats were pretty quiet and two of the games went to extra innings scoreless. Tim Ryan went to 6-0 beating Highland and Josh Kubitschek allowed just 2 hits over his 9 scoreless innings against Air Freight with 13Ks. Offensive highlights: Three hit games for Jacobson, Abrahamson and Mcdermott. The Capitals next game is Tuesday 7:30pm @Forest Lake and they travel to Austin for SpamTown next weekend.

June 14, 2015- Capitals 14, Stockmens 9

The Capitals win a fun non-conference game at South St. Paul. Cole Wynveen threw 5 solid innings allowing 2 runs. HR Tracker: Tossey(3), Bertel(2), Busch(1). Next game Tuesday June 16th 6pm Dunning vs TC Saints.

June 12, 2015- Capitals 10, Diesel 4
June 10, 2015- Capitals 5, Rosetown 2
June 8, 2015- Shamrocks 3, Capitals 2

The Capitals went 2-1 in league play over the last week. Tim Ryan went to 5-0 beating Diesel and Josh Kubitschek (1-1) was the winning pitcher over Rosetown striking out 7. Offensive highlights: HRs-Tossey(2), Groebner(1), Gottsfredsen(1), Bertel(1) and several multihit games for McDermott. The Capitals next game is Sunday June 14th 2pm @Stockmens Irish.

June 6, 2015- Capitals 10, Eau Claire 5
June 4, 2015- Miesville 7, Capitals 1

The Capitals split a pair of non-conference games losing to an impressive Miesville team and winning in Eau Claire. Tim Ryan went to 4-0 after picking up the win in Eau Claire. Offensive highlights: Home runs for Peterson(2) and Tossey(1), 3 hit game for Gottsfredsen against Miesville. The Capitals next game is scheduled for Monday June 8th 6pm vs Shamrocks at Dunning.

May 31, 2015- Capitals 9, North End 0
May 28, 2015- Capitals 2, Eagan 0
May 27, 2015- Capitals 5, Continental Diamond 4

The Capitals won three games last week and moved to 8-1 on the season. Tim Ryan, Eugene Sturm and Matt Nelson were the winning pitchers and allowed zero earned runs in their 15 innings of work. Offensive highlights: Home runs for Peterson(1) and McDermott(1). The Capitals next game is scheduled for Thursday June 4th 8pm at Miesville.

May 22, 2015- Capitals 10, Mpls Rats 2
May 21, 2015- Capitals 4, Burnsville 3

The Capitals won a pair of games and moved to 5-1 on the season. In the win over Burnsville, Eugene Sturm (2-1) threw 6 one hit innings for the win. Cole Wynveen got the save. In Friday's game against the Minneapolis Rats, Tim Ryan (2-0) got the start and threw 4 scoreless innings. Offensive highlights: Logan Busch 5-5 vs. Rats, Peter Bertel 5 hits 4 RBIs, Matt Halloran 4 hits and Phil McDermott 4 hits over the two game stretch. The Capitals next game is scheduled for Tuesday May 26th 7pm vs Eagan at Goat Hill Park.

May 15, 2015- Capitals 9, St. Anthony 1

The Capitals (3-1) increased the offensive production slightly with 18 hits and 9 runs in a win over St. Anthony. Logan Busch went 6 for 6 for the second time in his relatively brief Capitals career and Ryan Abrahamson hit a HR(2). Eugene Sturm (1-1) went 5 innings for the win and Forest Redlin made his Capitals debut throwing 2 scoreless innings. Next game Thursday May 21 7:30pm @Burnsville.

May 12, 2015- Capitals 2, Lyons Pub 1
May 8, 2015- TriCity 3, Capitals 1

The Capitals split a pair of games and moved to 2-1 on the young season. Pitching is well ahead of the hitting and the Capitals have received strong pitching performances from Josh Kubitschek, Eugene Sturm, Matt Nelson and Thomas Hanson. Offensive highlights: Ryan Abrahamson HR(1), Derek Jacobson and Logan Busch tied at 2 stolen bases. The Capitals next game is rescheduled for Friday May 15th 7:15pm at St. Anthony weather permitting.

May 7, 2015- Capitals 6, Mpls Angels 1

The Capitals (1-0) opened their 2015 season on Tuesday with a game against the Minneapolis Angels. Pitching was solid for both teams but the Capitals were able to manufacture 6 runs highlighted by Logan Busch 2-3 2B,BB,SB; Phil McDermott 2-4 2RBI; and Derek Jacobson 1-2 2BB,SB. New Capital Andrew Kemper caught 7 innings and added a single and sac fly. On the mound, Josh Kubitschek was in 2014 form with 4 scoreless innings allowing only 2 baserunners while striking out 4. Tim Ryan (1-0) and Tom Peterson handled the bullpen work. Next game for the Capitals is Friday May 8th 8:30pm vs. TriCity Shark @Dunning.

2014 State Champs
Aug 16, 2014- Capitals 6, Minnetonka 2
Aug 19, 2014- Capitals 5, Minnetonka 4

The Capitals (33-10, 16-2, 4-0) are your 2014 Class A State Champions. If you want to win the Class A title, it means dealing with the 11 time champion Minnetonka Millers at some point and the Capitals were put to the test with 2 games over 4 days against those Millers. Josh Kubitschek finished his masterpiece by winning the Saturday control game with a complete game that moved him to 13-0. Ryan Abrahamson continued his incredible offensive season with a two home run game giving him 18 to go along with 60 RBIs. With the win the Capitals were in position where a team was going to have to beat them twice on Sunday. Minnetonka survived their game with the Lakers and the Sunday matchup was set with Eugene Sturm getting the start for the Capitals. After 12 back and forth innings, the rains came with the score tied 4-4. When the 13th inning resumed Tuesday night, the Capitals used a Logan Busch single, stolen base and sacrifice flies from Mark Groebner and Tom Peterson to capture their first state title. Notable performances in the championship game were the Capitals lineup with 17 hits, Eugene Sturm 6+ IP, 4 hits, Dustin Klabunde, Matt Nelson and Nate Trelstad each throwing multiple scoreless innings of relief, and Tonka pitcher Don Erdall who was the ultimate ironman throwing 13+ innings over both games. Josh Kubitschek was named tournament MVP and he joined Ryan Abrahamson, Rick Tossey, Tom Peterson, Mark Groebner and Logan Busch on the all tournament team.

Aug 10, 2014- Capitals 20, SLP 3

The Capitals (30-10, 16-2, 2-0) advance to the control game with a 20-3 7 inning win over St. Louis Park. Eugene Sturm (4-4) goes 5 innings for the win striking out 6. Offensive highlights: Team total of 27 hits, Logan Busch 6-6 3 doubles 5 RBI, Rick Tossey 4-5 HR(6) 5 RBI, Tom Peterson 4-6, Kevin Kirkwold 2-3 2 doubles, 2 BB. Next game is a Thursday 8/14 tuneup against the Mpls Rats before Saturday's all important matchup with Minnetonka 3pm @Red Haddox.

Aug 9, 2014- Capitals 13, NSP Rooster 0

The Capitals (29-10, 16-2, 2-0, 1-0) win their opening game of the 2014 State Tournament in style ten running the NSP Rooster in 6 1/2 innings. Josh Kubitschek continued his incredible season with the CG SHO moving him to 12-0 with 105 Ks on the season. Offensive highlights: Tom Peterson 2-3 HR(8) 5 RBI, multihit games for the law firm of Groebner, Jacobson and Schaff. Capitals advance to play St. Louis Park on Sunday night.

Aug 6, 2014- Capitals 9, Forest Lake 2

The Capitals (28-10, 16-2, 2-0) won a tune up game against Forest Lake. Five Capitals pitchers combined to hold a potent Forest Lake lineup to 6 hits in 9 innings. The offense continued to chug along with 17 hits. Highlights: Ryan Abrahamson 4 hits and HR(16), Phil McDermott and Rick Tossey with 3 hits each. The Capitals open state tournament play Saturday night 7pm @Red Haddox in Bloomington against the winner of the Rooster and Mpls Cobras.

Jul 31, 2014- Capitals 12, River Pirates 1
Aug 1, 2014- Capitals 10, River Pirates 0

The Capitals (27-10, 16-2, 2-0) advance to the 2014 Class A state tournament. In a playoff series without much drama, the Capitals pitching one-two punch of Josh Kubitschek and Eugene Sturm held the River Pirates to single run over their 14 innings on just 5 hits while striking out 19. Offensive highlights: Zach Gottfredsen 6-9 3 doubles and a triple, Ryan Abrahamson 4 hits HR(15), Mark Groebner 6-6 2 walks, HR(1). The Capitals advance as the St. Paul #1 seed and will play Saturday Aug 9 7pm @Red Haddox.

July 28, 2014- Capitals 6, Tri City Shark 1

The Capitals (25-10, 16-2) won a pre-playoff tuneup game over the Shark. 5 Capital pitchers held the Shark to a single run on 4 hits. Chris Schaff had 2 hits and 2 SB to pace the offense. Next game is a playoff matchup with the River Pirates July 31 6pm at Dunning.

July 24, 2014- Capitals 7, Rosetown 0

The Capitals (24-10, 16-2) finish off their regular season with a win over Rosetown. Tim Ryan pitched 5 innings and did not allow a hit. Ryan Abrahamson set the Capitals single season home run record with his 14th (Rick Tossey 2010 - 13). Next is a tuneup game July 28 6:15pm at Irondale vs. TriCity Shark.

July 23, 2014- Capitals 7, Sport and Spine 3

The Capitals (23-10, 15-2) get back in the win column and clinch the 2014 St. Paul league title with a win over Sport and Spine. Josh Kubitschek went the distance striking out 9 and moving to a perfect 10-0. Tom Peterson had 3 hits to pace the offense. Next game July 24 6pm at Dunning vs. Rosetown.

July 21, 2014- Rosetown 4, Capitals 3

The Capitals (22-10, 14-2) drop a close game to league rival Rosetown. The Capitals scattered 15 baserunners and wasted several prime scoring opportunities which ended up costing starter Eugene Sturm the 'W'. Highlights: Eugene Sturm 5 IP, 3 runs, 4 hits, 4K; Tom Peterson 2-2 2 walks; Ryan Abrahamson HR(13). Next game July 23 8pm at Dunning vs. Sport and Spine.

July 17, 2014- Capitals 8, TC Saints 3
July 19, 2014- Capitals 9, Osecola 1
July 20, 2014- Capitals 8, EmbroidMe 3

The Capitals (22-10, 14-2) won 3 games over the weekend giving them a league record of 14-2. Highlights: Wins for Josh Kubitschek (9-0), Cole Wynveen and Tom Peterson. HR: Tom Peterson(7), Matt Halloran(1). Next game July 21 6pm at Dunning vs. Rosetown.

July 16, 2014- Shamrocks 9, Capitals 3

The Capitals (19-10, 12-2) lose to the St. Paul Shamrocks dropping their league record to 12-2. In an ugly game without many Capitals highlights, Matt Nelson pitched 3 innings of solid relief. Next game July 17 8pm at Dunning vs. TC Saints.

July 13, 2014- Capitals 18, Sport Spine 6
July 13, 2014- Capitals 13, Finest 0

The Capitals (19-9, 12-1) took a pair of league games last weekend in a day-night double header putting up 31 runs. Highlights: Derek Jacobson HR(2) and a solid 2014 pitching debut, Tom Peterson tape measure HR(7) and got the win in relief vs Sport Spine, Phil McDermott HR(3) and Ryan Abrahamson Save(1).

July 10, 2014- Capitals 8, Highland 4
July 11, 2014- Capitals 6, Shamrocks 5

The Capitals (17-9, 8-1) return from the long holiday break with two wins over league competition. Despite playing some ugly baseball the Capitals were able to escape with a 6-5 win after being shut down for 6 innings against the Shamrocks. Highlights: Josh Kubitschek goes to 8-0 striking out 9 vs HP, Tom Peterson with solid relief pitching and earning the #Visor. Home runs: Abrahamson(12), Tossey(5), Peterson(5), Busch(4). Next game July 12th 3pm @Dunning vs Rosetown.

June 30, 2014- Capitals 12, North End 3
July 1, 2014- Capitals 10, North End 2

The Capitals (15-9, 8-1) took a pair of league games last week from North End. Highlights: Tim Ryan and Nate Trelstad with 5 strong innings each, Home runs: Abrahamson(11), Tossey(4), Peterson(3,4), Busch(3). The Capitals take the holiday weekend off and return against the Finest July 7th 6pm @Dunning.

SpamTown Tournament

The Capitals went 1-2 in their annual trip to Austin, MN. Their tournament hopes hinged on an 10am game with Kewaskum, WI and through the first 4 innings things were on schedule with a 4-0 lead. In a 5th inning for the ages Kewaskum was able to plate 8 runs on a mixture of errors and gorks ending the Capitals championship dreams. Tournament highlights: Josh Kubitschek (7-0) CG win over Westmont, home runs Ryan Abrahamson(10), Tossey(3), Busch(2).

June 23, 2014- Air Freight 10, Capitals 8
June 25, 2014- Capitals 9, Finest 1

The Capitals (12-6, 6-1) split a pair of league games last week. Highlights: Brody Schintz (1-0) 6IP 9Ks in win over Finest and Danny Halloran with many doubles.

June 23, 2014- Victoria 18, Capitals 2

The Capitals (11-6, 5-0) get crushed 18-2 in Victoria. The Vics put up 6 runs in the first inning and didn't slow down before ending the game in 7 innings. Highlights: Danny Halloran 2 doubles. Next game Monday night league matchup with Air Freight 6:15pm @St. Thomas Academy HS.

June 18, 2014- Capitals 4, Highland 0
June 21, 2014- Capitals 11, EmbroidMe 0

The Capitals (11-5, 5-0) won a pair of league games behind the strong pitching of Josh Kubischek (6-0) and Eugene Sturm (2-3). In his win over Highland, Kubischek allowed 2 singles and struck out 8. Eugene Sturm pitched a 5 inning no hitter striking out 5. Offensive Highlights: Derek Jacobson HR(1) and Chris Schaff 4 doubles 4 RBI. Next game Sunday @Victoria 6pm.

June 12, 2014- Capitals 11, River Pirates 1
June 13, 2014- Capitals 16, River Pirates 4

The Capitals (9-5, 3-0) won 2 games over the River Pirates and the offense roared to life scoring 27 runs in 11 innings. Wins went to Josh Kubitschek and Eugene Sturm. Offensive highlights: Tom Peterson 2 HR, Phil McDermott 6 hits and HR(2), and Ryan Abrahamson 2 HR(9) and 9 RBI in the Friday game. His 9 RBI in a single game is a Capitals record and his 9 HR and 25 RBI start to the season puts him on pace to challenge state records held by Jeremiah Pepperseed. Next game is Monday 6/16 6:15 vs North End @Como HS.

June 7, 2014- Minnetonka 9, Capitals 0
June 7, 2014- Capitals 6, Stockmens 2

The Capitals (7-5, 1-0) split their games on Saturday and fail to advance to the championship game Sunday in the Dundas tournament. Showing why they are the top team in the state Minnetonka took advantage of a lackluster Capital effort and opened up a large lead in the first game. The Capitals were able to bounce back with 13 hits and beat the Stockmen's Irish in the night cap. Weekend highlights: Logan Busch 3 hits 2 walks, Ryan Abrahamson 3 hits HR(7) 4 RBI, Phil McDermott 3 hits 2 doubles, Josh Kubitschek (4-0) CG, 13Ks. Capitals return to league action with back to back games against the River Pirates 6/12 8pm and 6/13 6pm both games at Dunning.

June 5, 2014- Capitals 8, Burnsville 2

The Capitals (6-4, 1-0) used a massive 2nd inning to put the game away early in Burnsville Thursday night. Thomas Hanson (2-0) went 4 scoreless innings striking out 6. Ryan Abrahamson had a big night with 3 hits including a grand slam HR(6). Capitals travel to Dundas for the Dundas Tournament and will play two on Saturday 2pm vs Minnetonka, 5pm vs Stockmens Irish.

June 3, 2014- Capitals 5, TC Saints 2

The Capitals (5-4, 1-0) win their first league game over the Saints 5-2. Josh Kubitscheck (3-0) went 4 innings striking out 5 and allowing 2 hits. Eugene Sturm threw 2 innings of solid relief for his first hold, and Nathan Trelstad made his 2014 debut and struck out the side for the save. Logan Busch and Tom Peterson had RBI doubles. Capitals next game Thursday 6/5 7:30pm at Burnsville.

May 29, 2014- Capitals 9, Stockmens 3

The Capitals (4-4) end a 3 game losing streak beating a new look Stockmens team 9-3. Highlights: Multihit games for Zach Gottfredsen in his Capitals debut, Busch, McDermott and Tossey. Thomas Hanson (1-0) was the winning pitcher allowing 1 run and Tom Peterson grabbed the save (2) with 3 scoreless innings. Capitals begin league action Sunday 6/1 3pm vs North End at Como HS.

May 26, 2014- Coon Rapids 5, Capitals 1
May 28, 2014- Mpls Lakers 5, Capitals 0

The Capitals (3-4) dropped a pair of games to Coon Rapids and the Minneapolis Lakers while scoring only 1 run in those 16 innings. Highlights: New Capital Matt Halloran singled and walked in his debut, Derek Jacobson had 2 doubles and pitchers Tim Ryan and Eugene Sturm looked good in their respective 5 innings starts. Capitals look to get back on track Thursday 5/29 7:30pm at Stockmens Irish.

May 22, 2014- FanHQ 8, Capitals 7

The Capitals (3-2) lost a back and forth game against Continental Diamond 8-7 in extra innings. The Capitals again used the long ball to provide most of the offense, with Ryan Abrahamson staying red hot hitting his 5th and Logan Busch hitting a clutch 3 run HR(1) in his 2014 debut. Tim Ryan started and went 4 solid innings allowing 2 runs on 2 hits. Next game Memorial Day 5/26 7:30pm at Coon Rapids.

May 21, 2014- Capitals 7, St. Louis Park 4

The Capitals (3-1) win 7-4 over St Louis Park. Tyler Heitmann (1-0) pitched 6+ strong innings allowing 2 runs. Tom Peterson picked up the save and had a multihit game. Rick Tossey hit a 2 run HR(2) and flashed some above the rim athleticism in taking away a home run. Phil McDermott reached base 4 times and hit a HR(1) with 3 RBIs. Next game Thurs 5/22 8:30pm vs. FanHQ at Dunning.

May 18, 2014- Capitals 8, Eagan 4

The Capitals (2-1) win Sunday over Eagan. The Capitals, and more specifically Ryan Abrahamson, utilized the long ball after being shutout in their previous tilt. Abe hit 3 home runs (2,3,4) setting the Capitals single game record. Rick Tossey added a HR(1) and Jacob Edstrom made his Capital debut and swiped 2 bags (2). Josh Kubitscheck (2-0) threw 5 more scoreless innings picking up the win. Next game Weds 5/21 8pm vs. St Louis Park at Dunning.

May 14, 2014- St. Anthony 6, Capitals 0

The Capitals (1-1) lose to St Anthony on a cold windy night where pitching dominated. Highlights for the Capitals: Derek Jacobson 2 hits, Tim Ryan pitching debut, Eugene Sturm 4IP 2 hits 1 HR. Next game is Sunday 5/18 3pm at Eagan.

May 7, 2014- Capitals 4, Tricity Shark 1

The Capitals (1-0) win 4-1 over the Tri-City Shark in a well pitched May baseball game. Righty Josh Kubitsheck (1-0) made his Capitals debut allowing 1 hit in his 4 innings while striking out 9. Thomas Hanson picked up the 3 inning save. The bats were quiet for both teams but producing for the Capitals were Ryan Abrahamson who launched a mammoth 2nd inning homerun (1) and Jack McDevitt who doubled and singled in 3 at bats. Next game Tuesday 5/13 8pm vs. Mpls Rats at Dunning.

2013 Playoffs

The Capitals (23-12, 12-6) end their season dropping a pair of games to Rosetown. Rosetown was able to continue their domination of Capital pitching while plating 20 runs in the two games on a bunch hits mixed in with 20 free passes. Capitals playoff highlights: Tom Peterson 5 hits, Phil McDermott 4 hits, Rick Tossey 4 hits. Good luck to the State Tournament teams and the Capitals will see you in 2014.

2013 Pre-playoff Update

The Capitals (23-10, 12-6) play a pair of tune up games over the last week tying (darkness) FanHQ 1-1 and losing an extra inning game to the Eagan Bandits 6-5. Highlights/Lowlights: Capitals have just 8 players for game vs. FanHQ, Nate Trelstad 7IP 2hits 1run and 6Ks plus double at the dish, Groebner HR(5), Derek Jacobson and Ryan Abrahamson 2IP each with 0ER. First playoff game 8/2 8:30 @Midway Opponent TBD.

July 24, 2013- Highland 3, Capitals 2

The Capitals (23-9, 12-6) finish the 2013 regular season with a whimper and miss in their attempt at a 3rd consecutive league championship (2nd place behind the River Pirates). The offense was held in check by Highland righty Tanner Sventek who allowed 2 runs and limited a normally potent Capital lineup to 6 hits. Capitals highlights: Bettenburg HR(6), Tom Peterson 2 scoreless IP. Tuneup game is Friday July 26rd 6:15pm vs FanHQ @Simley HS.

July 23, 2013- Capitals 8, Sport & Spine 3

The Capitals (23-8, 12-5) win their 8th straight against Sport and Spine. Kevin Kray went all 7 innings and with the win moved to 2-2. Offensive highlights: Bettenburg 2 run HR(5), Streiy 1-1 with double, Brettigan SB(6), Branstad 1-1, Peterson 2 hits, Abrahamson reached base in all 4 at bats. Final league game is Weds July 24rd 6:30pm vs Highland Park @McMurray.

July 21, 2013- Capitals 6, Rosetown 4

The Capitals (22-8, 11-5) grab a win over rival Rosetown 6-4 snapping a 3 game losing streak against the A's. Nate Trelstad goes 5+ innings and moves to 3-1. Tom "Everyday" Peterson goes the last 1 2/3 for his 3rd save. Offensive highlights: David Bettenburg 3-4 3 doubles 3RBI, Kevin Kirkwold 2-3 2 doubles 2RBI, Rick Tossey HR(5). The Capitals sit in 2nd place with 2 games remaining. Next game is Tuesday July 23rd 8pm vs Sport Spine @Dunning.

July 19, 2013- Capitals 13, Osceola 11

The Capitals (21-8, 10-5) travel east to Osceola for their annual contest against the Braves and win a slugfest 13-11 in 10 innings. The Caps put up 22 hits with the highlights being homeruns for Peterson(2) and Abrahamson(7). Tom Peterson (3-1) threw 3 quality innings of relief and grabbed the win. Next game Sunday July 21th 3pm vs Rosetown @Dunning.

July 18, 2013- Capitals 16, Air Freight 2

The Capitals (20-8, 10-5) win their 5th in a row. Eugene Sturm gets the win going 6 innings allowing 2 run and striking out 9. The offense was story scoring 16 runs on a season high 9 doubles. Leading the way was David Bettenburg who went 4-5 2B HR(4) and Derek Jacobson with 3 hits. Next game Friday July 19th 7:30pm @Osceola.

July 16, 2013- Capitals 7, Blue Package 3

The Capitals (19-8, 9-5) win their 4th in a row. Kevin Kray gets the win going 6 innings allowing 1 run and striking out 6. Pacing the offense was Phil McDermott who went 4-4 and homeruns from Bettenburg(3) and Brettigan(2). Derek Jacobson and Tom Peterson both added 2 hits and doubled. Next game Thursday July 18th 6:15pm vs. Air Freight @Simley HS.

July 14, 2013- Capitals 11, Shamrocks 2

The Capitals (18-8, 8-5) gain a little momentum and win their 3rd league game in a row. Tom Peterson (2-1) goes 5 innings and gets the win. Ryan Abrahamson led the offense going 4-5 2B 3B and 3RBI. Joey Brettigan was 2-3 with 2 walks and his team leading 6th SB and Rick Tossey had 4 walks giving him 26 on the season. Next game Tuesday July 16 8pm vs. Blue Package @Dunning.

July 12, 2013- Capitals 7, River Pirates 2

The Capitals (17-8, 7-5) pick up the victory in a league game over the first place St. Thomas River Pirates. Geno Sturm moves to 6-2 going 7 innings allowing 3 hits and striking out 7. The offense was led by Derek Jacobson 3-4, Rick Tossey 2-4 2B RBI, Kevin Kirkwold 1-3 2B RBI. Capitals All Star selections: Ryan Abrahamson and Rick Tossey. Next game is Sunday July 15 2pm vs. Shamrocks at Midway.

July 10, 2013- Capitals 14, Highland 2

The Capitals (16-8, 6-5) emerge from a serious midseason funk and finish Highland Park in 4 1/2 innings. Nathan Trelstad (2-2) gets the win throwing 5 innings striking out 5. Offensive highlights: Mark Groebner 3-3 2B, Ryan Abrahamson 3-3 3B BB 4RBI, Rick Tossey 2-2 2B HR(4) 2IBB. Next game: Friday July 12 6pm vs. River Pirates @St Thomas.

July 9, 2013- TC Saints 8, Capitals 4

The Capitals (15-8, 5-5) drop their 4th straight league game. The Saints plate 7 runs in the 4th inning on a mixture of hits and errors and get their first win over the Capitals. Highlights: Mark Groebner 4-4 2 doubles, David Bettenburg 3-4, Ryan Abrahamson HR(6). Next game tomorrow July 10 vs Highland Park.

July 2, 2013- North End 7, Capitals 5

The Capitals (15-7, 5-4) drop another league game this time to North End. Highlights: Ryan Abrahamson HR(5), Mark Groebner HR(4), Tom Peterson 2 scoreless IP. Next game Tuesday, July 9th vs TC Saints 8pm @Dunning.

2013 SpamTown Tournament

The Capitals (15-6, 5-3) go 2-1 at Spamtown but it was not enough to advance to the Sunday semifinals. Capital wins were over Rochester 9-4 and Iowa Powertrain 11-0. The key matchup was with Shakopee and with both teams 2-0, the Capitals needed a victory to advance. It was not to be as Shakopee jumped out to an early 4-1 lead and cruised to a 7-3 victory. Weekend highlights: Ryan Abrahanson 7 hits, 2 doubles, triple, HR(4); Rick Tossey 7 hits, 3 doubles, HR(3), 7 RBI; Kevin Kirkwold 5inn 2hit shutout over Iowa, Brody Schintz in Capitals pitching debut 3+ solid innings of relief vs. Shakopee. Next game: 7/2 6pm vs. North End @Como HS.

June 27, 2013- Air Freight 5, Capitals 3

The Capitals (13-5, 5-3) dropped another league game, this time to Air Freight. Capital pitching was bit erratic as the pitchers combined to walk 9 and 5 of those walks scored. A quiet night at the plate was highlighted by Mark Groebner who doubled and homered (3). Next: Spamtown Tournament.

June 21, 2013- River Pirates 4, Capitals 3

The Capitals (13-4, 5-2) dropped a league game to the River Pirates in dramatic fashion. Going in to the bottom of the 7th the Capitals were clinging to a 3-2 lead. With one out the Pirates combined a base hit and a blast to complete the shocking walkoff victory. RHP Tyler Heitmann was effective as the starter going 4 innings and allowing 2 runs. Nate Trelstad (1-1) allowed only those final two hits in his 2 1/3 innings of relief. Ryan Abrahamson plated 2 runs on a hit and a sac fly and provided the defensive play of the year at 3b. Next game is Thursday June 27th vs. Air Freight 6pm @Dunning.

June 19, 2013- Capitals 7, TC Saints 5

The Capitals (13-3, 5-1) played a scrappy, sleeveless TC Saints squad in what some people might call a baseball game and managed to pull out a 7-5 victory. Saints pitcher Gary Degross used a mixture of guile and veteran saavy to keep the Capitals off balance for 5 innings. Eventually breaking through in the 6th was Joey Brettigan who slugged his first Capital HR(1). David Bettenburg added a 2 run triple. Tom Peterson threw 4 effective innings in relief while grabbing the win and moving to 1-1. Next game is 6pm Friday June 20th vs. River Pirates @St Thomas.

Victoria Tournament 3rd Place

The Capitals (12-3, 4-1) go 2-1 over the weekend. Game 1 was an 8 inning victory over Edina in which the Capitals shook off some rust and battled back late in the game. The featured matchup of the weekend was Game 2, where the Caps took on the defending Class B champs and host Victoria Vics. Despite opening up a 5-1 lead and chasing the Vics starter in the 3rd inning, Victoria chipped away and eventually went ahead to stay in 6th, winning 7-5. Props to Victoria who showed why they were state champions featuring one of amateur baseball's top offenses. Game 3 was a rain shortened 5 inning 2-0 victory over Lyons Pub. Getting the win was Nate Trelstad (1-0) 5 IP, 4 hits, 6 Ks.

Capitals MVP of the tournament: David Bettenburg 7 for 11 with 2 doubles and 2 stolen bases. Next game Weds June 19th 6pm vs. TC Saints @Dunning.

June 11, 2013- Rosetown 6, Capitals 5

The Capitals (10-2, 4-1) drop their first league game to Rosetown tuesday night 6-5. For the first time this year, the Capitals were outhit (11-9) and Rosetown extends their winning streak over the Caps dating back to last year to 3 games. RHP Kevin Kray got his first start of 2013 and settled in after a rocky 1st inning allowing 3 ER over his 5 innings. Tom Peterson led the offense with 3 hits and Derek Jacobson added 2 doubles. Next game is Saturday @Noon at the Victoria tournament vs Edina E-Sox followed by a 5pm matchup against the defending Class B champion Victoria Vics.

June 10, 2013- Capitals 15, North End 3

The Capitals (10-1, 4-0) stay unbeaten in league play and cruise to a 15-3 victory over North End. Matt Nelson (4-0) gets the win going 5 innings allowing 3 runs. Derek "RedSoxx" Jacobson takes commanding lead in home runs hitting numbers 4 and 5. Also homering were Abrahamson(3), Bettenburg(2) and Peterson(1). Ryan Abrahamson was 4-4 with 2 doubles, a walk and a bomb. Capitals back in action Tuesday night June 11th vs Rosetown 8pm @ Dunning before traveling to Victoria for a weekend tournament.

June 7, 2013- Miesville 10, Capitals 9

The Capitals (9-1, 3-0) dream of a perfect season ended Friday night in Miesville. They brought an iron 9 down to the best ballpark in Minnesota and lost in dramatic fashion on a top of 9th play at the plate. A 2 out bases loaded double by Ryan Abrahamson looked to tie the game at 10 but the umpire saw it differently. Both teams showcased plenty of offensive firepower and the Capitals were led by Tom Peterson 3-5 with 2 doubles, Mike Bland 2-4, Ryan Abrahamson 2-5 2RBI, Phil McDermott 2-5 2RBI. Youngest player in franchise history Cole McDevitt tallied his first career Capital hit. Next game Monday June 10th vs North End 6pm @ Como HS.

June 6, 2013- Capitals 7, Shamrocks 0

The Capitals (9-0, 3-0) win their 9th in a row 7-0 over the Shamrocks. Eugene Sturm (4-0) was dominant again throwing the complete game shutout allowing 2 hits and striking out 10. The offense was led by Derek Jacobson who took the team lead in home runs hitting his 3rd, and Phil McDermott and Joe Brettigan both chipping in with 2 hits. Next game Friday June 7th 8pm @Miesville.

June 4, 2013- Capitals 10, Stockmens 4

The Capitals (8-0, 2-0) extended their winning streak to 8 with a road victory over the Stockmens Irish. Tyler Heitmann (2-0) got the win going 4 innings allowing 1 hits and striking out 7. New Capitals Brandon Mazur (2 IP 0 runs, 3 Ks) and Nate Trelstad (3 IP 4 runs, 4 Ks) also threw well in their Capital debuts. Pacing the offense were Derek Jacobson going 4-5 with 2 doubles and a HR(2) and Mark Groebner 3-5 with a HR(2). Rick Tossey added 3 hits and David Bettenburg homered(1). Next game Thursday June 6th vs Shamrocks 8pm @ Dunning.

June 2, 2013- Capitals 4, Blue Package 0

The Capitals (7-0, 2-0) win Sunday's league game 4-0 over the Blue Package. Matt Nelson extended his scoreless innings streak to 18 with the complete game shutout. Matt was very efficient in allowing 4 baserunners while striking out 6. Rick Tossey had 2 hits including a 2-run HR(2) and Phil McDermott had 2 more hits. Next game Tues June 4th 7:30pm @ Stockmens weather permitting.

May 30, 2013- Capitals 9, Sport & Spine 1

The Capitals (6-0, 1-0) win their first league game 9-1 over Sport and Spine Thursday night. Ryan Abrahamson set the tone with a memorable 2-run HR(2) in the 1st inning and the bats never really slowed down amassing a season high 13 hits. David Bettenburg returned to the Capitals after a 1-year hiatus and had 3 hits and 3 RBI, Phil McDermott had 2 hits, 2 walks and a HR(2), Tom Peterson had 2 hits and Rick Tossey had 2 doubles. Eugene Sturm (3-0) got the start and allowed no runs on 1 hit while striking out 8 in his 6 innings. Next game Sunday 6/2 Blue Package 6pm @Dunning.

May 29, 2013- Capitals 5, St. Anthony 2

The Capitals (5-0) traveled to St. Anthony for their first road game. New Capital righty Tyler Heitmann got the start and threw very well going 6 innings allowing 2 runs on 2 hits and striking out 4. Ryan Abrahamson returned to the lineup and had 3 hits including a HR and 2B. Multihit games for Tom Peterson, Derek Jacobson and new Capital Ryan Scanlan in his debut. Mike Bland worked a clean 7th for his 2nd save.

May 26, 2013- Capitals 3, St. Louis Park 0

The Capitals (4-0) run of fantastic pitching continued on Sunday. This time it was Matt Nelson (2-0) logging his first complete game of the season while facing the minimum 21 batters over his 7 innings. Park managed 2 hits and a walk but all 3 were erased with the double play. Leading the offense were veterans Mark Groebner and Rick Tossey, each hitting a solo HR in the 3rd inning, and infielder Joe Brettigan who had 2 singles in his Capitals debut after a freshman season with the Gophers. Next game Weds 5/30 @ St. Anthony 7pm.

May 23, 2013- Capitals 2, Mpls Lakers 0

The Capitals (3-0) win 2-0 over the Minneapolis Lakers. With such a short spring, the pitching is way ahead of the hitting and it showed Thursday when both teams used quality arms to shut down the bats to a combined hit total of 4. The Capitals got 3 of them and Derek Jacobson provided the most solid contact of the night clubbing an RBI double in the bottom of the 5th. Catcher Jack McDevitt drew 3 walks and stole 2nd base. Eugene Sturm had another average night on the mound with 5 innings, striking out 12 and allowing the 1 Laker hit. Lefty Tom Peterson threw 2 scoreless inning and grabbed his first save. Next game Sunday 5/26 vs. St. Louis Park 3pm @Dunning.

May 15th, 2013- Capitals 9, TriCity Shark 3

The Capitals (2-0) get their second win of the season over TriCity by score of 9-3. The bats were relatively quiet with only 5 hits but the plate discipline was excellent as they worked 11 walks. Matt Nelson was excellent on the bump going 4 scoreless and striking out 8. Mike Bland got a 3 inning save allowing 1 earned run. Eugene Sturm led the offense with a hit by pitch. Next game Sunday 5/19 vs. Bloomington Bandits 3pm @Dunning.

May 13th, 2013- Capitals 13, Mpls Rats 0

The Capitals (1-0) got a nice team effort on their opening night to the 2013 season. One time through the batting order and the bats were in midseason form with multihit games for Jacobson, Tossey, Peterson, McDermott, and Schintz. Highlights: Homeruns for McDermott(1) who was back after major elbow injury in 2012 and Jacobson(1) with 2 doubles, Matt "The Thumb" Nelson showed some fast twitch with a hard hit double to left center. Eugene Sturm (1-0) got the win going 4 innings and striking out 9. Next game Weds 5/15 vs. Tri-City Shark 8:30pm @Dunning.

2012 State Tournament 3rd Place-
Game 2 - Capitals 5, Mpls Angels 4
Game 3 - Minnetonka 16, Capitals 0
Game 4 - Mpls Angels 9, Capitals 4

The 2nd weekend of the State Tournament opened with the Capitals facing off against the Minneapolis Angels. Starter Pat Carey gave the Caps 6+ strong innings before turning the ball over to Kevin Kray who was dominant in relief and picked up the win. Game 1 starter Eugene Sturm got the save pitching a scoreless 9th. Saturday matched the Capitals with the eventual champion Minnetonka Millers and it was the 3rd meeting in 2012 with the Millers taking the first two games. Starter Eugene Sturm battled for 5 innings before some clutch 2 out hitting gave the Millers a 6-0 lead. The Millers got after the Capitals bullpen in the 6th and blew the game open for 16-0 win in 7 innings. Game 4 was rematch with the Angels and the bats ran out of gas and saw the Caps eliminated with a 9-4 loss. Capitals State Tourney standouts: Mark Groebner 7 hits, HR(5), 2 SBs; Rick Tossey 10 hits, 5 RBIs; Tom Peterson 8 hits, 5 RBI; Ryan Abrahamson 5 hits with 3 doubles; Eugene Sturm 2 starts (1-1), 10 Ks and a save. It was a decent run after an up and down season and the Capitals look forward to doing it again next season.

2012 State Tournament
Game 1 - Capitals 9, SLP 3

After a stressful league playoffs, the Capitals were able to grab an early lead and cruise to a 9-3 victory in their first ever State Tournament game. Eugene "The Warlock" Sturm (5-2) was masterful in his 8 innings allowing 1 run on 6 hits striking out 7 against a tough St Louis Park lineup. The Capital bats were alive banging out 14 hits led by Tom Peterson and Rick Tossey with 4 each combining for 7 RBIs. Mark Groebner added 2 hits, 2 walks and a SB(5) and Kevin Kirkwold had 2 hits. The Capitals advance to the 4 team double elimination mini-tournament next weekend taking on Park National #1 seed Minneapolis Angels Friday night 8:30pm at Red Haddox.

2012 Playoff Series vs. Air Freight-
Aug 3, 2012- AF 6, Capitals 0
Aug 4, 2012- Capitals 10, AF 4
Aug 5, 2012- Capitals 11, AF 10

On paper it may have been a matchup of a #1 seed and a #9 seed, but the top seeded Capitals were taken to the absolute limit by a playoff ready Air Freight ball club. Game 1 saw one of the most dominating pitching performances of the year by Air Freight starter Josh Kubitschek who went the distance, allowing 4 hits and striking out 16. Game 2 had the Capitals trailing 2-1 going in to the top of the 7th before 3B Ryan Abrahamson slugged 2 HRs giving the Caps some breathing room and a 10-4 victory. Game 3 was an epic back and forth contest with Air Freight scoring 2 runs and going ahead 10-9 in the top of 9th but the Caps were able to rally on the strength of a 2 out 2 run walkoff double by 1B Tom Peterson. Capitals playoff standouts: Ryan Abrahamson 2 HR(4,5), Tom Peterson HR(6) and walkoff double, Kevin Kirkwold 2-3, BB and sac, and Kevin Kray throwing 5+ gutty innings of relief on no rest. Advancing to the State Tourney for the first time in their 3 year history, the Capitals will play Sunday 4pm @Toro Field in Bloomington.

July 25, 2012- Capitals 5, HP 0
July 26, 2012- Capitals 7, HP 5

The Capitals picked up two big wins over Highland Park and secured their 2nd straight regular season title in the St. Paul league. Subpar regular season aside, the Capitals head into the playoffs as a #1 seed and await the lowest surviving seed that emerges from the first round. Strong performances from last week: Eugene Sturm CG shutout W, Mark Groebner 3 hits and 4 RBIs in Thursday game, Pat Carey 3-3 with 4 RBIs in Weds game and Rick Tossey 4-6 with 2 BB vs HP. Capitals will play their first playoff game Friday August 3rd 8:30pm @ Midway.

July 22nd, 2012- Rosetown 7, Capitals 6

With a 7th inning for the ages, Rosetown was able to come back from a 6-1 deficit scoring 6 runs with 2 outs. 8 Consecutive batters reached base as things unraveled for the Capitals. A tough loss and new low point spoiled a great day at the plate for Tom Peterson who went 3-3 with HR(5) and 2 RBIs. Mark Groebner homered (4), Loren Sjoquist and Ryan Abrahamson tripled, and Matt DeCovich added an RBI double. The Capitals still control their own destiny in the St. Paul league with 3 games remaining and look to get back on track Tuesday night against Sport and Spine 8:30pm @Dunning.

July 18th, 2012- Capitals 4, Shamrocks 1

The Capitals get back on track with a league win over the St. Paul Shamrocks. Eugene Sturm (2-1) gets the win going 5 strong innings allowing 3 hits and 1 run while striking out 4. Kevin Kray got a save(2) with 2 perfect innings including 5Ks. Derek "Lil Hammer" Jacobson had 3 hits and 2 SB(5) and Matt "Butera" DeCovich had 2 hits and called a great game behind the dish. Next for the Capitals is a non league game Saturday July 21st 3pm @Eau Claire.

July 16th, 2012- River Pirates 2, Capitals 0

The Capitals dropped their 4th league game of the season to the always tough St. Thomas River Pirates. The Caps were unable to string any hits together against the tough lefty starter for the Pirates. Matt Nelson threw 5 effective innings allowing 2 runs and Kevin Kray threw a scoreless 6th. Mark Groebner and Pat Carey each added 2 hits for the offense. Next game Weds. 8:30pm vs. Shamrocks @ Dunning.

July 15th, 2012- Capitals 3, Blue Package 2

The Capitals (16-11, 9-3) needed their home at bats in the 7th but were eventually able to get past Blue Packaging Sunday afternoon. Pat "River" Carey threw 5 strong innings allowing 1 unearned run despite a lower ab contusion. Kevin Kray (2-2) allowed his first earned run of the season but ended up vulturing the win. Mark Groebner and Ryan Abrahamson each had 3 hits and Rick Tossey added 2 hits and a HR(8). Next game is changed to Monday night vs. River Pirates 6pm @UST.

July 14th, 2012- St. Paul 12, Riverview 3

The Capitals sent five guys to the All Star game and each played in a big role in the 12-3 rout of Riverview. Manager Kevin Kirkwold dialed up a winning lineup that including Capitals at 1B, 3B, LF and RF. Rick Tossey had 2 hits and a HR, Tom Peterson was 2-2 with a walk, Ryan Abrahamson had 2 hits and made a couple web gems, and Mark Groebner had a hit and a walk. A great time was had by all and congrats to the 2012 hall of fame inductees, especially Mike Vogel Sr. longtime Eastside Merchant and umpire.

July 12th, 2012- North End 8, Capitals 3

The Capitals (15-11, 8-3) dropped a league game to North End and fall out of first place in the St. Paul League. The story of the game was the North End bats, specifically Luke Vogel and Tijl Vanderwege. Vogel put the Capitals in a deep hole early clubbing 2 HRs in the first 2 innings driving in 6 runs when said and done. The few Capitals highlights included: Loren Sjoquist HR(3), Tom Peterson HR(4), and Derek "Little Hammer" Jacobson 2 perfect innings of relief. Capitals look to get back on track Friday 7/13 6pm vs. Highland Park @ Dunning.

July 11th, 2012- Chaska 7, Capitals 6

The Capitals (15-10, 8-2) drop a non conference game to the Chaska Cubs. In an exciting back and forth game the home team was able to generate the last rally and win the game in walkoff fashion. Matt DuCovich made his Capital pitching debut and held the Cubs scoreless over his 6 innings allowing just 4 hits leaving the game with a 2-0 lead. Chaska ace Ryan Seifert threw 7 impressive innings striking out 10 and holding the Capitals to 2 runs. The offense for Capitals consisted of Rick Tossey going 3-4 with HR(7), 2B, IBB and 4 RBIs and multihit games from Jack McDevitt, Derek Jacobson, and Ryan Abrahamson. Next game is Thursday 7/12 in a top of the standings showdown with North End 6:00pm at Dunning.

July 9th, 2012- Capitals 11, TC Saints 1

The Capitals (15-9, 8-2) beat TC Saints 11-1 in 6 innings returning from their version of the all star break. Pat Carey (3-0) picked up the win going all 6 innings allowing just 5 baserunners and striking out 3. Derek Jacobson blasted 3 hits including 2 doubles and 3 RBI and a SB(2). Loren Sjoquist added 2 doubles and Ryan Abrahamson had a perfect night at the dish going 1-1 with 2 walks and a sac fly. Next game is a non-conference matchup with Chaska Weds 7:30pm.

June 30th, 2012- Capitals 4, Shamrocks 0

The Capitals (14-9, 7-2) beat Shamrocks 4-0 Saturday afternoon giving them sole possession of 1st place in the St. Paul league. Pat Carey went to 2-0 limiting the Shamrocks to 3 hits and a walk. Loren Sjoquist had a nice day at the plate going 2-2 with a walk, SB(6) and 2 RBI. Mark Groebner added 2 hits. The Capitals will take some time off for the 4th of July holiday and be back in action with a game against the TC Saints July 9th 8:30pm @Dunning.

June 28th, 2012- Capitals 6, Air Freight 3

The Capitals (13-9, 6-2) beat Air Freight 6-3 Thursday night in a league game. It wasn't the prettiest game ever played but the Caps escaped to the parking lot with the win. Matt Nelson went to 5-1 vulturing the win with 2 2/3 innings in relief of Eugene Sturm who started and went 4 1/3. The Caps offense was led by Mark Groebner who went 3-4 with 2 doubles, 2 RBIs and a SB(2). Ryan Abrahamson (3) and Rick Tossey (6) chipped in with 2 run HRs. Next game is against St. Paul Shamrocks Noon @Midway and should help clarify the top of the St. Paul league standings.

June 22-24, 2012- SpamTown Challenge 2nd Place

The Capitals traveled to Austin for the first time to participate in the SpamTown Challenge, a 16 team tournament with some of the best Amateur teams in the country. The Capitals mowed through their bracket beating 2011 Class B runner up Burnsville, Chaska, and the late entry Austin Blue Sox. The Caps were able to get by the Cold Spring Springers for the first time in the semifinals before being bested by the Minnetonka Millers in the final. A big thanks to Austin for hosting the tournament and we hope it can be an annual event.

Championship Game TV Highlights

Player Highlights: Jamar Cadejuste, Matt Nelson, Pat Carey, Eugene Sturm CG victories. Ryan Abrahamson 2 HRs and a monster weekend, Loren Sjoquist walkoff 3 run HR vs Chaska and many stolen bases, and tournament MVP runner up Larry.

June 19, 2012- Capitals 12, TC Saints 2

The Capitals (8-8) get back to .500 with a solid win over the TC Saints. Mike Bland (2-1) had great pitch economy in holding the Saints to 1 ER on 4 hits. For the offense Tom Peterson and newcomer Andy King paced the Capitals with 2 hits and 3 RBI each. Mark Groebner had 2 hits and a HR(3). Ryan Abrahamson reached base 4 times and Rick Tossey returned from the DL with 2 hits. Next game is SpamTown tournament Game #1 Friday night 9pm vs. Mayfield ND.

Non Conference Update

The Capitals hit a rough patch losing 4 straight non-conference games. High/Lowlights: RHP Dustin Klabunde signed by St. Paul Saints, RHP Ty McDevitt holds Minnetonka to 3 hits in a 3-0 loss, Phil McDermott HR(1) vs Miesville then lost for season with broken arm, Rick Tossey 15 day DL with pulled hamstring, Derek Jacobson grand slam HR(1) vs Blaine Fusion. Capitals look to get on track with league game against the TC Saints before heading south to Austin, MN for the epic SpamTown tournament over weekend of 6/22-6/24.

June 12, 2012- Rosetown 2, Capitals 0

The Capitals (7-4) lose 2-0 Tuesday night to Rosetown. A dramatic shift in offensive production after scoring 18 on Sunday, the short handed Caps are unable to plate a run against A's starter Blake Fangel. Fangel was excellent scattering 6 hits and walking no one. Capital starter Kevin Kray (1-1) was just as effective throwing all 6 innings allowing no earned runs on 2 hits and striking out 7. The Capital "offense" was paced by Phil McDermott and Mike Bland with 2 hits each. Next game is Weds night 8pm @ Miesville.

June 10, 2012- Capitals 18, North End 10

The Capitals (7-3) go to 4-1 in league play beating North End on another steamy Sunday at Como High School. Not a pretty game by any stretch of the imagination but the Capitals did enough with the bats to prevail. Highlights for the offense were: Tom Peterson 3 run HR(3) and third consecutive game with a home run, Ryan Abrahamson 3 rbi double in the 1st inning and Mike Bland 2nd inning grand slam HR(2). Ty McDevitt (1-0) got the win and Kevin Kirkwold earned his first hold. Next Game is Tuesday night vs Rosetown 8:30pm @ Dunning.

June 8, 2012- Capitals 8, Sport and Spine 4

The Capitals (6-3) win their 4th game in a row, including 3 against tough league competition, beating the Sport and Spine Diesel 8-4. Matt "5K" Nelson (3-0) got the win going 4 innings scattering 5 hits and 2 earned runs. Tom Peterson hit a first inning 3 run HR(2) and put out a few fires while grabbing the 1 2/3 inning save(2). Rick Tossey paced the offense with a 4-4 night with a double and 2 HR(4,5). Next game is Sunday afternoon against North End 3pm @ Como HS.

June 6, 2012- Capitals 5, River Pirates 4

The Capitals (5-3) rallied back after a rain delayed start Weds night to beat the St. Thomas River Pirates. The Pirates jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead before Kevin Kray (1-0) took over and threw 5 scoreless innings for the win. The story for the Capitals was clutch hitting and the highlights were: Mark Groebner 2-4 RBI double and scored the winning run, Kevin Kirkwold 2 out 2 RBI single, Tom Peterson game tying solo HR(1) in the 6th, and Rick Tossey walkoff 2 out RBI double in the bottom of the 7th. Next game is Friday night against rival Sport and Spine Diesel 6pm @ Dunning.

June 2, 2012- Capitals 9, Osceola 7
June 3, 2012- Capitals 9, Air Freight 1

The Capitals (4-3) win a pair over the weekend. The bats began to heat up as the Capitals blasted 4 home runs: Mark Groebner (2), Mike Bland (1), Pat Carey (1), Rick Tossey (3). Pat Carey had a great weekend totaling 5 hits and grabbed the save against Osceola. Matt Nelson (2-0) went 3 solid innings against Air Freight and Gopher righty Ty McDevitt made his Capital debut throwing 4 scoreless innings. Next game is Weds night against the St. Thomas River Pirates 8:30pm @ Dunning.

May 31, 2012- Blue Package 2, Capitals 1

The Capitals (2-3) drop their league opener to an improved Blue Package team. Despite solid pitching from righties Dustin Klabunde and Kevin Kray holding the Package to 2 runs, the Capitals bats were unable to put together any real threats. Props to solid efforts from several Blue Package pitchers. Highlights: Loren Sjoquist hit a solo HR(1), Ryan Abrahamson had 2 doubles and Rick Tossey had 2 hits and a SB(1). Next game Saturday 7:30pm in Osceola, WI.

May 22, 2012- Capitals 4, St. Anthony 0

The Capitals (2-2) grab their 2nd win with impressive pitching and defense over a solid St. Anthony team. The bats were relatively quiet against several excellent St. Anthony pitchers but lefties Matt Nelson (1-0) and Tom Peterson (1-0, 1 SV) were dominant combining for the 9 inning shutout. The ZERO walks helped reverse the trend this year and allowed the Capital defense to shine in a well played fast moving game. Kurt Schlangen provided some pop with a solo HR(1) and the Capitals welcomed fellow Gopher 1B/OF Ryan Abrahamson to the squad and he grabbed his first Capital hit. Next game Thursday May 24 vs Stockmens Irish (weather permitting).

May 17, 2012- Mpls Angels 10, Capitals 8

The Capitals (1-2) again struggled to throw strikes and make plays in the field, walking 12 and committing 4 errors, leading to a 10-8 loss to a very good Angel team. The bats showed some life clubbing 3 home runs including 2 from Rick Tossey in a 4 for 4 effort and Mark Groebner's tape measure shot to left. Next game Sunday funday 3pm vs. American Pie @McMurray.

May 14, 2012- Capitals 10, Lyons Pub 4

The Capitals (1-1) picked up their first win of the season beating 2011 Class A runner up Lyons Pub 10-4. Tom Peterson (1-0) went 4 innings and got the win. At the dish he was 3-4 with 2 RBIs. Phil McDermott had 2 hits and Derek Jacobson reached base 3 times with a hit and 2 walks. The Capitals will play the Minneapolis Angels Thursday 5/17 8:30pm @Dunning.

May 10, 2012- St Louis Park 9, Capitals 6

After a long winter the Capitals (0-1) returned to the field Friday May 10th to play St. Louis Park. Both teams struggled to throw strikes but Park's bats and gloves were much closer to midseason form than the home team Capitals. The Capitals welcomed lefty pitcher Jamar "Juice" Cadejuste and new catcher Chris Hall to the 2012 squad. Juice combined with veteran righty Eugene Sturm to throw 6 2/3 effective innings allowing a total of 5 ER on 9 hits. The bats were pretty quiet with just 5 hits but the Capitals were able to draw 10 walks. SS Loren Sjoquist paced the Capitals with 2 hits and 3B Bobby Monsour had a 2 RBI double. Next game Monday 5/14 8:30pm vs. Lyons Pub @Dunning.

Gm 1 Aug 5, 2011- Shamrocks 8, Capitals 7 12inn
Gm 2 Aug 6, 2011- Shamrocks 4, Capitals 3

After a fantastic regular season the Capitals drew a tough #6 seed in the St. Paul Shamrocks. The Shamrocks played great baseball causing the Caps to go 2 and BBQ. Game one featured a couple great storylines including an 11 inning performance by the Shamrock starter. The Capitals bats were baffled for 8 2/3 innings but mounted an unlikely comeback down 7-3 on the strength of 3 baserunners and a bottom of the 9th 2 out grand slam by Rick Tossey. Unfortunately they could not carry that momentum into extra innnings eventually losing in the 12th.
Game 2 was more of the same with Shamrock ace Sean Lidstrom throwing a complete game gem leading to the 4-3 win and series sweep. It was not totally without drama as several Capitals fly balls were caught against the fence in the 8th and 9th innings. Capitals highlights from the series: McDermott 4 hits, Carey 3 hits and 4+ great innings on the hill, Tossey 3 hits HR(6) and 8 RBIs, Kevin Kray 5 great innings out of the pen. A big thanks to all friends and family for a great season and good luck to the Shamrock in representing St. Paul in the State Tournament.

Aug 2, 2011- Stockmens 8, Capitals 7

The Capitals (28-9,19-1) dropped a tune up game to the Stockmens Irish. Props to Stockmens who feature a strong lineup top to bottom and pounded out 12 hits. Capitals looked fairly rusty with a few exceptions like David Bettenburg who went 4-5, 2B, 3B, SB. Next tune up game is Thurs 6pm @Prescott before league playoffs begin Friday night 6pm @Dunning.

July 28, 2011- Capitals 10, Sport and Spine 3

The Capitals (28-8,19-1) closed out the regular season in style beating Sport and Spine 10-3. Again the bats were slow to get started but eventually exploded in the 6th and 7th for 10 runs. Mike Bland was the story hitting a grand slam HR(1) and driving in 6 runs. David Bettenburg added 2 doubles and 2 runs scored. Pat Carey and Kevin Kray (5-1) were very effective splitting time on the hill. Capitals will get about a week off before league playoffs and will battle the Skyline's #1 team the Stockmens Irish Tuesday 8/2 7:30pm @McGuire.

July 27, 2011- Capitals 2, Highland Park 1

The Capitals (27-8,18-1) battled back from an early 1-0 deficit to win their 18th league game. With Highland throwing tough righty Lucas Long hits were tough to come by. Highlights: Sjoquist hit HR #9 to tie game, McDermott had 2 hits and drove in winning run in 6th. Dustin Klabunde (5-1) earned the win throwing 4 hitless innings in relief. Final league game 6pm @McMurray vs. Sport Spine.

July 25, 2011- Capitals 2, Sport and Spine 1

The Capitals (26-8,17-1) clinched the #1 seed in the St. Paul league Monday night after a long awaited battle with 2nd place Sport and Spine. In a well pitched game, Matt Nelson (5-2) went 5 innings for the win and Kevin Kray went the final 2 for the save. In a game lacking offense, the Capitals were able to do enough to win. Next game 8:30pm @Dunning vs. Highland Park.

July 24, 2011- Capitals 10, TC Saints 0 6inn

The Capitals (25-8,16-1) finished the TC Saints in 6 innings Sunday afternoon. Keys to the win: Tom Peterson (2-0) allowing no hits and no walks and striking out 5, Tom also had 2 hits and drove in 4, multihit games for Groebner, McDermott, and Schlangen. Next game is Monday night vs. Sport and Spine 6pm @McMurray.

July 22, 2011- Capitals 9, Osceola 7 10inn

The Capitals (24-8,15-1) took on a scrappy team from Osceola and battled late into the evening before winning in 10 innings. Highlights: Bob "Hammertime" Monsour earned save whiffing the side, Bland 2 doubles and 4+ solid innings, Schlangen and Sjoquist 3 hits each and a lot of speed, and Tossey 4 RBIs including 2 run double a little off the handle in the 10th. Next game TC Saints Sun 3pm @Dunning. Beware of river.

July 19, 2011- Capitals 8, Shamrocks 6

The Capitals (23-8,15-1) won their 15th league game against the tough Shamrocks. Matt Nelson (4-2) got the win going 5 innings and Eugene Sturm picked up the save (2). Phil McDermott went 4-4 and Kurt Schlangen had 2 hits including a HR(3). Mike Kimlinger hit 2 home runs for the Shamrocks as they battled back from an early 7-0 deficit. Capitals have 4 league games remaining and have clinched a top 2 finish. Next game Friday 7:30pm @Osceola.

July 18, 2011- Capitals 11, Blaine Fusion 7

The Capitals (22-8,14-1) battled the heat again, this time in Blaine pulling out an 11-7 win. In a game where neither team hit the ball very well, the Capitals took advantage of some mistakes to plate 8 runs in the 8th to win their 22nd game. Solid overall pitching by committee gave Mike Bland (1-1) a chance to pick up the win while striking out 7 in 2 2/3 innings. The bats will look to rebound in an important league tilt tonight 7/19 8:30 @Dunning vs. Shamrocks.

July 17, 2011- St. Thomas 4, Capitals 3

The Capitals (21-8,14-1) dropped their first league game to St. Thomas Sunday afternoon. A ton of credit to the St. Thomas righty who went all 7 limiting the Capitals to 6 hits in brutally hot conditions. Leading the "offense" for the Capitals were Rick Tossey who went 3-4, Mark Groebner who had a 2-rbi double, and Kurt Schlangen who added 2 hits. Capitals look to bounce back Monday night 7:30 @Blaine Fusion.

July 14, 2011- Capitals 5, Blue Package 4

The Capitals (21-7,14-0) snuck by Blue Packaging Thursday night. Pat Carey (4-1) vultured the win with a scoreless inning and Eugene Sturm was healthy and throwing heat picking up his first save. The bats were relatively quiet but rallied in the 6th with 2 runs to take the lead. Kurt Schlangen hit a HR(2) and David Bettenburg had 2 hits. Next game, weather permitting, is Friday night against Sport and Spine 6pm @Dunning.

July 12, 2011- Capitals 12, Air Freight 2

The Capitals (20-7,13-0) bats stayed red hot Tuesday night in defeating Air Freight by 10 run rule 12-2. 16 hits, 8 for extra bases, with multihit games for Sjoquist, Tossey, Groebner, Bettenburg, McDermott and Schlangen. Rick Tossey hit a HR(5). Matt Nelson (3-2) was excellent on the bump, holding a potent lineup to 4 hits, 1 earned run with 6 Ks. Capitals return to league action Thurs night 6pm vs. Blue Package @Dunning.

July 10, 2011- Capitals 16, North End 1

The Capitals (19-7,12-0) offense was relentless on a scorching Sunday afternoon at Como Park banging out 16 hits and 16 runs in a 5 inning game against North End. Leading the way were veterans Mark Groebner with 3 hits and 2 RBIs and Phil McDermott who homered(2), doubled and had 2 RBIs. After being staked to an early lead, Kevin Kray (4-0) was dominant going all 5 innings allowing 5 hits striking out 9. Capitals will look for their 13th straight league win against the always tough Air Freight Tuesday night 7/12 8:30 @Dunning.

July 9, 2011

All Star Game- St. Paul League 15, Park National 6 The Capitals sent 5 representatives to the 2011 All Star game. Derek Jacobson, Loren Sjoquist, Rick Tossey, and Matt Nelson participated in the game and Pat Carey was out with an injured hamstring. The Capitals played a large part in the victory with Rick Tossey collecting 2 hits, a home run, 4 RBIs, and a robbed home run. Loren Sjoquist had a base hit and a stolen base and he and Derek Jacobson played fantastic defense up the middle. Matt Nelson threw 2 scoreless innings and looked very good against the best of the Park National league.

July 8, 2011- Capitals 5, Rosetown 2

The Capitals (18-7,11-0) won another hard fought contest with Rosetown on Friday night. Phil McDermott homered(1) and Dustin Klabunde moved to 4-1 going 5 innings allowing 3 hits and striking out 3. Mike Bland grabbed a 2 inning save (2) and added 2 hits. Next game Sunday 3pm @Como Park vs. North End.

July 6, 2011- Chaska 7, Capitals 6

The Capitals (17-7,10-0) dropped a non conference game to the Chaska Cubs Weds. night. The story of the game was defense and the Capitals forgot all about it. Three errors allowed Chaska to plate 4 runs in the 8th and steal the win in a well pitched game. Derek Jacobson went 5-5 with 5 singles and Loren Sjoquist was 2-4 with a double and a 3 run HR(8). The Capitals look to bounceback Friday night against Rosetown 6pm @Dunning.

June 29, 2011- Capitals 4, East Side 1

The Capitals (17-6,10-0) used the long ball and dominant starting pitching to win their 10th league game. Mark Groebner took control of the rope with a 3-3 night with a HR(3) and 2 RBI. Rick Tossey added an insurance run with a HR(4). Dustin Klabunde (3-1) was perfect through 4 innings and finished with 6 IP, 2 hits allowed and 4 strikeouts. Capitals get their version of the all star break with the next game being July 6th 7:30pm @Chaska.

June 28, 2011- Capitals 10, Rosetown 5

The Capitals (16-6,9-0) took part in a back and forth contest with Rosetown Tuesday night. With the game being much closer than the final score indicated, it took a breakthrough in the 6th inning for the Caps to finally get some breathing room. 5 runs, 5 doubles and a homerun in that inning broke the game open. Tom Peterson homered (3) off the bench and Pat Carey added a HR(3) and 3 RBI. Kevin Kray (3-0) got the win and Matt Nelson grabbed a 2 inning save (2). Capitals play again Weds night in league against East Side 6pm @Dunning.

June 26, 2011- Eau Claire 3, Capitals 1

The Capitals (15-6,8-0) laid an egg on Sunday afternoon in Eau Claire. The team forgot to pack the bats and good pitching from an Eau Claire starter finished off a complete 9 inning game in record time. Pat Carey (3-1) took a tough luck loss going 6 innings allowing 3 unearned runs. Mike Bland threw 2 scoreless in relief. Kirk Wood and David Bettenburg each had 2 of the Capitals 6 hits. Next game Tuesday night 8:30pm @Dunning vs. Rosetown in league action.

June 23, 2011- Capitals 5, Highland Park 3

The Capitals (15-5,8-0) won a tight league contest against Highland Park Thursday night. The Capital bats were kept somewhat off balance by Highland starter Jeff Boyle who induced many ground balls in the early innings. Eventually the Capitals broke through with a 2 RBI gork double from Pat Carey in the 4th and a bases loaded single from Rick Tossey in the 5th which ended up scoring the other 3 runs. Dustin Klabunde (2-1) battled through 5 innings picking up the win striking out 6. Matt Nelson grabbed a 2 inning save with a scoreless 6th and 7th. Derek Jacobson stayed hot reaching base 3 times with 2 walks and a single. Capitals play next in Eau Claire Sunday @5pm.

June 22, 2011- Capitals 2, Shamrocks 1

The Capitals (14-5,7-0) won a rain shortened game over the Shamrocks 2-1. While the official score will remain 2-1 the Capitals led 5-1 with no outs and 2 runners on in the bottom of the 5th when McMurray field conditions finally yielded to the onslaught of rain. Pat Carey had a double and the 2 official RBIs. Loren Sjoquist hit another HR(7) and added a single and 2 SB. Kevin Kray (2-0) got the win going all 5 innings allowing 4 hits and striking out 4. Next game is against Highland Park Thursday night at 8:30pm.

June 20, 2011- Capitals 6, Dundas 4

The Capitals (13-5,6-0) got another great pitching performance, this time from Matt Nelson who improved his record to 2-2 and went 7 innings allowing 1 run on 4 hits. Pat Carey grabbed a 1 out save stranding 3 runners. At the dish the Capitals were led by Kurt Schlangen and Derek Jacobson who each had 3 hits. Loren Sjoquist had an RBI double and a SB(3) while making several web gems at SS. Capitals have a big league game Weds. night against defending League champ the St. Paul Shamrock 6pm @ McMurray.

June 17, 2011- Capitals 9, Coon Rapids 0

The Capitals (12-5,6-0) put together a complete team effort Friday night and appear to be hitting their midseason stride. The pitching was excellent led by Dustin Klabunde (1-1) who went 6 scoreless innings allowing 5 hits with 4Ks. Derek Jacobson and Mark Groebner paced the offense with 3 hits each. Jacobson(1), Groebner(2), and Sjoquist(6) added homeruns and Kirk Wold had 2 hits and 3 RBIs. Pat Carey added 2 hits and 2 walks and pitched a scoreless 9th. Next game is Monday night 7:30pm @Dundas.

June 15, 2011- Capitals 3, Commanding Edge 2

The Capitals (11-5,6-0) found a way to beat Commanding Edge 3-2 on Weds night. Pitchers Eugene Sturm (5-1) and Kevin Kray uncharacteristically walked 10 Edge batters, but great defense and couple baserunning mistakes held the opponent to 2 runs. Commanding Edge pitcher Kris Edwards threw very well limiting the Capitals to 7 hits. Rick Tossey had 2 hits and 2 RBI including an opposite field HR(3). Tom Peterson had the clutch hit in the top of 7th scoring Joe Peters for the winning run. Next game is Friday night @Coon Rapids 7:30pm.

June 12, 2011- Capitals 12, TC Saints 6

The Capitals (10-5,5-0) used a 9 run 2nd inning to pick up a league win over the TC Saints. Lefty Tom Peterson (1-0) threw 3 scoreless innings striking out 4. Next game is Tuesday night 8:30pm vs. Sport and Spine @Dunning.

June 10, 2011- Capitals 3, Miesville 1

The Capitals (9-5,4-0) have had their struggles with the top teams from Class B lately but were able to sneak out of Miesville with an extra inning win. The pitching was high quality from both teams allowing only 11 total hits thru 10 innings. Dustin Klabunde threw 5+ strong innings allowing 1ER with 4Ks and Matt Nelson (1-2) got the win allowing only 1 hit in his 4+ innings of relief. The Capital offense consisted of home runs by Sjoquist(5) and Schlangen(1). Phil McDermott led the team with 2 hits. Capitals have a league game with TC Saints Sun 3pm @Dunning.

June 9, 2011- Capitals 13, East Side 0

The Capitals (8-5,4-0) broke out the heavy lumber Thursday night. Multi hit games for Sjoquist, Jacobson, Bettenburg, Carey, Peters and Schlangen. Homeruns for Carey(2) and Bettenburg(1). Kevin Kray (1-0) and Mike Bland provided solid pitching in the 5 inning rout. Next game is Friday night 8pm in Miesville.

June 6, 2011- Capitals 3, North End 1

The Capitals (7-5,3-0) got their 3rd league win in a row beating North End 3-1. The main storyline was Eugene Sturm (4-1) throwing a no-hitter and striking out 8. The Capital offense was kept off balance most of the night by crafty North End lefty Bob Lovas. Derek Jacobson was an on base machine going 2-2 adding a walk and 2 SB. Craig Lynch added an RBI single and Pat Carey had a double. Next game is Thursday night 6pm @St. Thomas vs. ES Merchants.

June 3-4, 2011- Cold Spring 8, Capitals 0 and Sauk Rapids 8, Capitals 1

The Capitals (6-5,2-0) got a bit of a reality check over the weekend while facing some of the state's top pitchers. Cold Spring threw their ace Zach Femrite Friday night and staked him to an early 5-0 lead. Femrite went 7inn allowing just 5 hits and striking out 9. While the Capitals were soundly out hit, the defense betrayed decent pitching with 7 of the 8 runs being unearned. Saturday wasn't much better with Sauk Rapids sending another mid to upper 80s throwing ace at a slower than normal Capitals squad. Matt Nelson threw 6 gutty innings on very little quality sleep allowing just 3 runs. Sauk Rapids is a great hitting team and after a couple misplays the Capitals were looking at another 8-0 deficit. Rick Tossey added a HR(2) in the ninth to prevent an 18 inning weekend shutout. Capitals look to bounce back Monday night 6pm @Dunning vs North End.

May 31, 2011- Capitals 5, Minnetonka 3

The Capitals (6-3,2-0) brought an iron 10 men out to beautiful Veterans Field and downed the defending state champs on Tuesday night. Powerful winds made for tough hitting conditions and the Capital pitchers took advantage holding the potent Tonka offense to 5 hits. Eugene Sturm (3-1) went 6 innings allowing 2 hits. Matt Nelson picked up a 3 inning save while striking out 6. Derek Jacobson had 2 hits and 2 RBIs. The defense was solid and the veteran Capital outfield seemed to be positioned perfectly. The schedule doesn't get any easier as the Capitals have their weekend trip playing Cold Spring Friday night at 8pm and Sauk Rapids Saturday at 1pm.

May 25, 2011- Capitals 4, Air Freight 2

The Capitals (5-3,2-0) used the power of young and powerful pitching to beat a tough Air Freight squad in what was their 1st game. Eugene Sturm moved to 2-0 going 5 innings scattering 5 hits and Kevin Kray picked up the save with 2 more perfect innings. Joe Peters returned as catcher and had a great night going 2-2 with 2 doubles and an RBI. Phil McDermott scored the winning run on a double in the top of the 6th to put the Capitals up for good. Next game Fri @Red Wing 7:30pm.

May 23, 2011- Capitals 11, Blue Package 3

The Capitals (4-3,1-0) were a bit slow out of the gate but eventually the bats got going and they downed an improved Blue Package team 11-3. 4 pitchers scattered 5 hits with Pat Carey getting the win moving his record to 3-0. Tom Peterson provided much of the offense with 2 HR(1,2) and 5 RBI. Mike Bland made his season debut and added 2 hits. Next game is Weds 5/25 6pm @Concordia vs. Air Freight.

May 18, 2011- Capitals 4, St. Anthony 0

The Capitals (3-3) get their record back to .500 behind the hitting and pitching of Pat Carey. He picked up his 2nd win of the season on the hill (2-0) and hit a 2 run HR(1) in the 2nd. The team also welcomed Kevin Kray a RHP who closed in untouchable fashion in perfect 6th and 7th innings. The offense was rounded out by Kirkwold, Peterson and Lynch who all had 2 hit games. Next game Sat 3pm vs. Rosemount @McMurray weather permitting.

May 16, 2011- Capitals 7, St. Louis Park 2

The Capitals (2-3) fielding an iron 9 players traveled to St. Louis Park and rode strong pitching to a 7-2 win. Eugene Sturm threw 5 no hit innings with 6Ks getting the win while adding a line drive single for his 1st Capital hit. Craig Lynch was very solid in his 2 inn of relief. Rick Tossey went 4-5 with 3RBIs and Loren Sjoquist added another blast for HR(4). Next game is Weds 5/18 7pm @St. Anthony.

May 12, 2011- Lyon's Pub 7, Capitals 5

A cold and wet evening saw the Capitals (1-3) drop another close non-conference game to Lyon's Pub 7-5. It was again the Loren Sjoquist show for the Capitals as he accounted for nearly all the offense with 2 HR(2,3) 3RBI and some stellar defense at shortstop. Kirk Wold had 2 hits and threw 2 innings in relief. A tough day in the field for the Capitals as Matt Nelson was forced to labor thru his 5 innings after several errors. The Capitals added a Sat 5/14 game 5pm @ Coon Rapids.

May 11, 2011- Miesville 6, Capitals 5

The Capitals (1-2) fell to the Miesville Mudhens 6-5 on Weds night. Walks and a couple baserunning miscues proved too much to overcome against several excellent Miesville pitchers. Rick Tossey paced the offense with 3 hits including his first HR(1) of the season. Craig Lynch and Josh Loewen made their season debuts on the hill. Next game Thursday vs. Lyons Pub @ Dunning.

May 6, 2011- Capitals 8, TriCity 0

The Capitals (1-1) pick up their 1st win in dominating fashion against the Tricity Shark. The pitching was brilliant with Pat Carey going 4 innings and picking up the win with 8Ks. Matt Nelson was untouchable in 3inn with 6Ks and only 1 hit allowed. Pat Carey was 3-4, Loren Sjoquist had 2 doubles and Mark Dornfeld clubbed a 2 run double to pace the offense. Next game Weds May 11 vs. Miesville 8:30pm at Dunning.

May 4, 2011- Mpls Angels 7, Capitals 6

The Capitals (0-1) opened up the 2011 season on May 4th against the Mpls Angels. Despite a fast start the home team fell 7-6. Several new players made their debuts but none as loudly as SS Loren Sjoquist who crushed a first inning pitch for a grand slam HR(1). Mark Groebner also connected for a 1st inning HR(1). Other Capitals debuts included pitcher Eugene Sturm who threw 4 dominant innings and Derek Jacobson who added a 1st inning double.

October 11, 2010

The St. Paul Capitals had a very successful inaugural 2010 season finishing 23-12 while assembling a really nice mixture of young talent and veteran savvy. Despite being declared ineligible for the Class 'A' postseason, the Capitals traveled around the metro and played many top end teams from both Class A and B. The Capitals will return in 2011 eligible for the postseason and the pieces remain in place for a great run. A big thank you to those fans that helped to make our Twins fundraisers a success and we hope to see you again next year!

August 5, 2010

The Capitals (22-11, 13-6) fell again on their "post season" tour to a very talented Coon Rapids team 5-2. Coon Rapids brought a multi pitcher attack at the Capitals and it was quite effective. Dustin Klabunde made the start and Mark Groebner hit his 5th HR. Next game 8/9 7:30 @St. Louis Park.

August 3, 2010

The Capitals (22-10, 13-6) put up a good fight but ultimately came up short against Class B powerhouse Miesville falling 11-6. The Capitals jumped out to a 5-1 lead but Miesville was eventually able to breakthough against Lefty Matt Nelson using the lethal combination of walks, errors, and gork hits. In total the Capitals had a respectable 14 hits against some tough Miesville arms. Next game 8/4 7:30@Coon Rapids

August 2, 2010

Sunday afternoon saw the Capitals playing with 8 for the first 2 innings in Prescott. With the arrival of 9th man Kent Huls in the 3rd, the Capitals began to spray the ball all over the field and ended up holding on for a 7-6 win. Tom Peterson got it done with 6 solid innings pitched and had 2 hits and 2 RBIs at the dish. Next game Tues 8pm @Miesville.

August 2, 2010

The Capitals (22-9, 13-6) pickup 2 wins over the weekend on their Wisconsin tour that began in Ellsworth on Friday night. The result was an overwhelming 19-0 victory that included HRs from McDermott(5), Bettenburg(1), and Bland(7). Bland also pitched 5 innings for the victory.

July 29, 2010

Capitals (20-9, 13-6) lose another game late to a strong Blaine Fusion team 6-5. The Capitals were once again unable to take full advantage of another strong Dustin Klabunde start. Klabunde went 5 innings striking out 7 and allowing just 2 ER. Bobby "32" Monsour had a breakout game with 2 doubles and Mike Bland hit his 6th HR. Next game is Friday 6/30 7:30 @Ellsworth.

July 27, 2010

The Capitals (20-8, 13-6) dropped a league game to North End 5-4 Monday night. Highlights were David "Grandma's Boy" Bettenburg making his debut on the mound in relief and throwing 2 1/3 nearly perfect innings. Rick Tossey hit HRs 12 and 13 and had 4 RBI to account for the Capitals offensive output. Next game is Tues 7/27 vs. Shamrocks 8:30@Dunning.

July 26, 2010

The Capitals (20-7,13-5) get over a big obstacle by the name of Sport and Spine defeating them 7-5 on Sunday afternoon. Lefty Matt Nelson gutted out 6 innings and Mike Bland handled the 7th to grab the save. Bland added his 5th HR with a legit blast to left center. Phil McDermott hit his 4th HR as well. Next game is Monday 7/26 6pm @ Como vs. North End.

July 23, 2010

Very shorthanded Capitals (19-7,12-5) lose to Cold Spring 12-2 on Friday. Highlights were Mark Groebner's 4th HR to deep left center field and Mike Bland's caught stealing of second base. Not a good effort by the Capitals as Cold Spring outplayed them in every facet of the game.

July 22, 2010

The Capitals (19-6,12-5) go extra innings for a 4th straight game but can't take advantage of some great pitching from Dustin Klabunde losing to AFU 5-3 in 8inn. Klabunde went 6 innings allowing only 1 ER with 5Ks. The gloves ended up betraying the shorthanded Capitals as several catchable balls dropping probably cost them a victory. Kirk Wold went 3-3 with his home run #1. Next game Fri 7:30 @Cold Spring

July 21, 2010

Extra innings for a third game in a row and the Capitals (19-5,12-4) win 3-2 in Brooklyn Park. Mike Bland worked the first 5 innings giving up 2 runs and Brian Martin worked 4 shutout innings picking up the win. Mark Groebner was 3-4,SB to lead the offense. POG Joe Peters walked 4 times in 5 at bats. Next game Thurs 7/22 8:30 @Dunning vs. Air Freight. RIP Thor.

July 20, 2010

It took extra innings again but the Capitals (18-5, 12-4) get the victory over Commanding Edge 6-4 in 10 innings. Ironman POG Matt Nelson went the distance for the win. Pat "Bud Lime" Carey got things started with his 4th HR of season and Rick Tossey ended it with a walkoff HR his 11th. David Bettenburg found the field and had a 4 hit game and Phil McDermott had 3 hits. Next game 7/20 8pm @Brooklyn Park.

July 19, 2010

The Capitals (17-5, 11-4) take a pair over the weekend. Saturday they survive some weather scares to beat a very good pitcher and the Osceola Braves 9-3. Sunday was a league matchup with the Rosetown A's. The Capitals managed to survive and win 10-6 in 8 innings. POG was Pat Carey who went the distance and didn't allow an earned run until the 8th. Mike Bland hit his 4th HR. Next game 7/19 @ St. Thomas vs. Edge

July 15, 2010

The Capitals (15-5,10-4) brought the lumber out Thursday night beating Sharrow 12-2 in 6 innings. Dustin Klabunde worked 5 effective innings for the win. POG Klint "I'm thinking Arbys" Nadeau went 5 for 5. Pat Carey launched a grand slam for his 3rd HR and Rick Tossey generated some baseball sized hail with a parking lot shot to right center for his 10th HR. Next game in Osceola at 6pm on Saturday.

July 13, 2010

The Capitals (14-5,9-4) win their 5th game in a row beating Highland Park 7-1 on Tuesday night. Mike "Gun Show" Bland was the story pitching 6 innings of 2 hit ball while striking out 10. He added an oppo 3 run shot to left for his 3rd home run of the season. Pat Carey went 4-4 and Mark Groebner hit his 3rd HR. Next game is Thursday night 8:30 vs. Sharrow @ Dunning.

July 11, 2010

St. Paul Capitals (13-5, 8-4) get a big 3-1 league win over North End. Lefty Matt Nelson was on Sunday night striking out 12 and allowing only 2 hits. David Bettenburg provided the big blow for the offense with a 2 run bases loaded double in the bottom of the 6th. Mike Bland had a patient night at the dish working 3 walks in 3 at bats. Next Game: Highland Park Tuesday July 13th 8:30pm @Dunning.

July 9, 2010

The Capitals (12-5,7-4) pick up a clean win over Rosetown friday evening by a 12-2 score. Pat Carey goes the distance for the win, while Phil McDermott and Mike Bland each hit their 2nd homeruns on the season. Next game July 11th 6pm @Dunning vs. North End.

July 8, 2010

The Capitals (11-5, 6-4) took 2 weeks off from baseball and it showed on Thursday night against the East Side Merchants while managing a 11-7 win. Highlights: Dustin Klabunde threw 3 innings of solid baseball striking out 4 and picking up the win. Lowlights: Team struck out 13 times. Rick Tossey picked up a shiny golden sombrero to go with his 9th home run. Next game is Friday night @ 6pm vs Rosetown.

June 24, 2010

The Capitals (10-5, 5-4) got back on track Thursday night with a 10-1 dismantling of Highland Park. Lefty Matt Nelson went the distance allowing 4 hits over 7 innings. The bottom of the order stepped up with huge games as Pat Carey went 4-4 with a solo home run (2) and Kevin Kirkwold went 3-3 with a double. Next game is in Hudson @ 1pm on Saturday.

June 17, 2010

The Capitals (9-3, 4-2) returned with a solid, if not boring, 4-1 league win over the TC Saints. 7 different starters worked an inning apiece after rain canceled the previous game. Win goes to Mike Bland (3-0) who worked a perfect 5th inning. Mark Groebner continued his hot hitting with his 2nd homerun and Kevin Kirkwold and Joe Peters had RBI doubles. Next game Monday June 21st against Sport and Spine.

June 11, 2010

Commanding Edge defeats the Capitals 7-2 Thursday Night at St. Thomas. Pat Carey went 4 innings and Dustin Klabunde made his debut pitching the 5th and 6th. Commanding Edge pitchers were effective limiting the Capitals to 4 hits. Mark Groebner went 2-3 and added a stolen base. Next game Mon 8:30pm vs. Rosetown @ Dunning.

June 8, 2010

Capitals (8-2,3-1) suffer a tough league loss to the scrappy Shamrocks. Lefty Matt Nelson worked 4 innings taking the loss and Mike Bland worked the final two. Mark Groebner hit a solo HR (1) in the sixth and Rick Tossey hit a 3 run HR(8) in the 3rd inning. Tough 7th inning for Capitals with 3 consecutive hits resulting in 2 outs and a man on first. Shamrocks brought their exceptional defense to the yard as usual.

June 5, 2010

Saturday night game in Hastings was cancelled with their field underwater. No makeup date announced as yet. Next game is a league tilt against the Shamrocks, Monday June 7th 8:30pm @ Dunning.

June 3, 2010

The Capitals (8-1, 3-0) channel their inner Joe Mauer and slap 9 or 10 consecutive singles in the 3rd inning in their 11-0 dismantling of the TC Saints thursday. Ace Pat Carey showed his softer side when he neglected to cover first on an infield grounder allowing the Saints their lone hit on the night. Mike "Beefcake" Bland found a way to avoid the hit column going 0-1 with 2 walks. Next game Saturday in Hastings.

June 2, 2010

Capitals (7-1, 2-0) win 4-2 over Sharrow Building on Weds night in league play. Matt Nelson goes 5 innnings for the win allowing 2 unearned runs and Kent Huls picks up the 2 inning save. Tom "Bags" Peterson paced the Capitals going 3-3. Next game tomorrow night versus TC Saints at 8:30pm.

May 29, 2010

The Capital Offense continued its assault Friday night amassing 17 hits and 10 runs in a 10-9 victory over the previously undefeated (9-0) Red Wing Aces. In a back and forth game, Mike Bland picked up the win going 3 innings and Craig Lynch got the 2 inning save. Klint Nadeau and Rick Tossey paced the offense with 4 hits each. Next game is a league matchup Weds June 2nd 8:30pm at Dunning against Sharrow.

May 27, 2010

The St. Paul Capitals are off to a good start in the 2010 season. The Capitals began their season with victories over the Minneapolis Angels, Tri-City Shark, Hudson River Rats, and Cannon Falls Bears before dropping their first game to the Bloomington Bandits. The Capitals opened league play on Wednesday night with an 8-4 win over Air Freight Unlimited.



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